REVIEW OF MY UNI cheap fun reliable.


Unicycle from Raleigh

Are you up for it?

If you are, don’t be fooled by the price… this is a genuine unicycle supplied by Raleigh and has all the special features you would expect from unicycles costing much, much more!

This Unicycle has a chrome finish frame with outboard, oversized ball bearings (approximately 1") to take the extra weight. The saddle is made from expanded dense foam with an easy clean pvc surface and hard bumpers at both ends to protect it when you fall off and it hits the ground (yes you will!!).
No skimping here, included are cotterless crank and MTB style pedals to give you a safe ride at an incredible price.

The most fun you can have on one wheel!!!


For inside leg measurements (Crotch to Ground) -

29" to 35" - Unicycle model 16" wheel
31" to 37" - Unicycle model 20" wheel
33" to 39" - Unicycle model 24" wheel

£59.95 16" Wheel Unicycle

20" Wheel Unicycle

£64.95 20" Wheel Unicycle

24" Wheel Unicycle

£69.95 24" Wheel Unicycle

let me know what u think?

That sounds like alot of unicycle for the money, a must for anyone not (yet) needing something fancy! :wink:

any pics or links?

There is a review that looks strangely familiar at Bikewizard which includes a photo. It sounds like a good one to start with.

raleigh unicycle.gif

If that in fact is a picture of what you are planning on getting beware that it has Lollypop bearings this will probably be a fatal thing if you want a unicycle that will last for a while.

Maincap bearings are much better and for the price I’m sure you can find something in your price range.
The seat on this unicycle probably is alot less comfortable than how it sounds in the ad.

As far as wheel size goes. I think its more a function of what the unicycle is intended to do vr your height. (to a degree, yes sometimes for shorter people and kids even the lowest setting is too big with a seat post that is cut down all the way) Seat posts can be raised and lowered for a reason. IF your looking to deliver papers on your unicycle a 24 inch or bigger is probably best for you.

Look into what has to offer for your price range if you have any questions about individual unicycles feel free to ask.


suprisingly i got mine from there

That was my first unicycle. It was branded “Cyclepro” when I bought it, but the bike shop said they got it through Raleigh. I still ride it today, on the rare occasions that I want to practice freestyle skills that I can’t do on a monty tire. I’ve replaced the seat, frame, bearings, pedals and tire, but the wheelset and cranks are still going strong after 5 years. Someday I’ll replace the wheeset, but it will still be the same unicycle in spirit.

I’ve been very happy with it because of how well it’s worked out for me, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody else because of the lollipop bearing holders. My frame original lasted way longer than most others of that design, but I’ve heard of people with the same unicycles who’ve had the frame fail after a couple days of riding. The seat is better than a savage or one of the skinny Torker seats, but it’s still pretty uncomfortable if you sit on it for prolonged periods.


i no rub it in my face, go on!

“Didn’t you say something a while ago about being happy with your 20” and not needing anything fancy? "

Well this is why: i went 2 a unicycling club 4 the first time last saturday and i had a go + unicycle gladiators and bunny hoppping and dong ramps etc and i realised my uni’s no good 4 doing that (sorry little Pip!) and i tried sum1s muni wiht a kris holm seat and it was so much comfier and better for that kinda stuff so i admit i was wrong :roll_eyes: (go ahead tell me ‘i told you so!’

hhahaa :wink:

I told you so

I knew it was only based on your inexperience, no worries. You’ll like it alot better in the ‘fancy’ world

i think for a little extra money i got a far better deal it was from my local bike(“bikes are for people with extra wheel difficultys by the way”)any way as i was saying i got a nimbus 2 frame with a alex rim dx 32 which is great fun it has split bearing housing much better than the other ones hear is a pic the saddle and peddles have been added scence though so what do you think of this sorry that is is a bit big

My 20" unicycle nr. 2 is just like that Bikewizard model, except it was a bit cheaper here in Finland (100€ about 60£ actually not much cheaper). An advantage compared to that Bikewizard thing is the maincap bearing holders. I found it in a Duell catalog. I get my KH saddle for this in just a few hours.

My 20" nr. 1 I found at a shop that sells car parts, paints etc. It has lollipop bearing holders, 5 spoke plastic rim and the saddle post was far too short. But it only cost 30£ (50€).

I learned to ride on this one and after my first longer trip with it I welded about 15 cm iron tube to the seatpost. It made riding much less exhausting. The rim is also surprisingly strong. I have done some jumping it but it holds up pretty well. It tends to flex a bit under weight while driving.

When I moved away I left this one home so my father and little sister could keep on practicing.

My third unicycle I just ordered and it should arrive soon. It’s Nimbus II 2003 24". I’ve only unicycled three months but you can never have too many unicycles. I just have to overcome my addiction on buying these because I don’t have so much money but I’d still like a giraffe or Coker.
NO STOP IT!! DON’T BUY THEM! AAARGHH!! Has anyone else got this kind of problems?

I was thinking of buying the 24’’ Raleigh to learn on. But this thread has put me off especially as I am 6’2’’ ish and running at about 15 stone. So the chances of this machine lasting are limited. The thought be hind the 24’’ is that it would be easier to learn on and would better for chase my daughter up and down the road on her bike.

Couple of questions

If I did go this route what are the chances of upgrading the machine in terms of frame latter on. (Hopefully before I break it first) ?

Currently attempting to learn on a borrowed Pashley 20’’, for which I need to get a seat extension and a better seat on it anyway. Should I just stick to this until get the hang of riding and then I can make a more informed decision. (I should be able to keep hold of it until at least Xmas).

Yours confused


buying this to later upgrade everything (you mention the frame, but the wheel…the important part…is equally crappy) is not a good idea, money-wise

a good option is…

buy this as a learner, because learning to ride is not hard on the unicycle.

as soon as you discover yourself starting to get better and looking over at curbs, steps, trails…

Get yourself a better unicycle suited to such things. The key is to replace the cheap one before you break it. That way you have a spare to teach someone on, and as soon as you have a good one to screw around on, the cheap one will last a long time.

Or…you could just start with a better one. The price of a quite capable machine has really dropped.

good luck

get the best

yes i think you should get the best you can not spend more then about £150 as you may not like unicycling but if you do like it then you should have a nice machine to ride.i think a “trials” yuni is a good place to start as my uni seen earlier has not broken at all. i got it from the local bike shop it had a crappy seat but it makes you like the kh much more when you get it or what ever seat you get.also trials unis have fat tyres which are good to learn on and you can use it for muni if that is the area you want to get into my uni was £100 and i have spent about £45 on it so far but i have done some picnic tables and other high stuff on it and the cranks and hub seem fine whilst holding a wooden table leg i love my uni :wink: