Review of DMR V12 mag sealed pedals

I just got some of these pedals. They are made of a magnesium alloy claimed to be as tough as aluminum. At 434 grams they are the lightest tough metal platform pedals I am aware of. A E Bike sells them for 60 $. You can blow 100 $ extra on a pair of titanium axles that will make you an uber cool pedal weight weenie if you want. I think I’ll pass on that, but you could lie if you want. I bought them in the lightest color.:slight_smile:
The big question is would they pass the John Childs test, and remain on the spindle even when the bearing heads south. To find out, I took one apart, and wanted to put it back together without the bearing. However, the 607z bearing was pressed in tight enough to resist my gentle nudging, and since I didn’t have an extra bearing, I was unwilling to damage it.
No matter. This is a simple design, with the inner bearing a teflon bushing, and the outer the sealed ball bearing. Since the only thing holding the pedal on the axle is a 10 mm nut tightened against the inner bearing race, I am certain that if the bearing disintegrates the pedal is sure to fall off the spindle.
In sum, it may or may not have a really tough platform, it looks good but I haven’t smashed it enough to say. But it is not the holy grail of sealed bearing pedals, failing the “could it fall off the spindle” test.:frowning:


Bearing size is larger

John had written earlier that most sealed pedal bearings are 686z. These are 6 mm IDx13 mm ODx5mm wide. The DMR V12’s use a larger bearing 607z which are 7 mm ID x 19mm OD x 6mm wide. These bearings cost the same as the smaller size , 10/24$, and should be stronger. A plus for these pedals. :sunglasses:

I’ve munied on these for 4 years now (the stock platforms, not the mag ones). Having rebuilt them several times I believe the pedal would fall off it the outer bearing came apart. I’ve been singing their praises for years but I noticed the other day that I’ve significantly bent one of the axles, I didn’t notice while riding but when screwing them in to a different set of cranks it became obvious. Maybe those Ti axles sound lie a good idea. Incidentally a set of pedal protectors arte a good investment, they stop the allen key hole in the end cap filling with crap.

Bent axles

Have you tried to straighten the axle with a hydraulic press ? I have de bent lots of stuff that way.

No, I only discovered it the other day and have been tied up partying since. Tbh I never noticed it when riding, so maybe it’s best left alone. I was trying to think if there was a way i could assemble the uni such that the pin would be bent up not down when I was standing in the hopping position, but I don’t believe there’s a way. I guess if it gets to the stage where I’m going to junk the axle I might aswell try straightening it, I know a guy with appropriate equipment. Thanks for the tip.

Spare axles for the DMR V12 are pretty cheap, only a few quid each (normal ones, not Ti of course).


Oh sweet, thanks Rob, I hadn’t seen they did spare steel axles, thought I was in for Ti or new pedals.

On the Koxx1 site they have a pair of Try-all Magnesium pedals which they claim weigh 350 grams. You should take that with a grain of salt though since the koxx1 site is known to claim that their products are lighter than they actually are.

same as the TryAll but half the price :wink:


I still think the DMR’s are better

The Qu-ax pedals you linked to, it says they are made by Welgo. They are identical to welgo Mg-1 pedals that AE Bike sells for 52 $. The trouble with these pedals is I have read of several people complaining that they fail quickly. The DMR’s have a thicker axle and a larger bearing that will last longer, for 8$ and 56 grams more. Plus you have the option of getting Ti axles for the DMR’s, making them 24 grams lighter then the welgo’s. 93 $ at AE Bike. So the DMR’s are still the lightest tough metal pedals.
So far, I have not found a shop that can compete with AE Bike’s prices. Municycle wants 40 euros for the Mg-1’s, that’s about 55 $. Not bad, but AE Bike still wins by 3 $.:slight_smile:

I got mine off eBay for $39 + $8 shipping :slight_smile:

That’s great!

Anyone that can post a link to a good deal, please do so.:slight_smile: