Review of 29X2.3 ExiWolf tire

I’ve put some miles on my KH29 with its new Exiwolf 2.3 knobby tire, including some rainy, muddy rides recently.

Some reviews have said this tire’s weakness is the mud. I would further refine the comment. Flat mud is fine, better than the Kenda Klaw which came with my cycle, but the Exiwolf is weak for climbing muddy hills, especially long climbs. Sunday I was trying some hills I can usually make, but they were muddy and I couldn’t get up due to spinnout. Maybe it was too muddy for any cycle, but the knobs on the Exiwolf tire seemed to fill up and it became quite slick. It was muddy, but not that muddy, and I think the Kenda’s horizontal knobbies would have provided a better tool for the ascent.

That said - I love the Exiwolf for trails. It’s the first tire I would describe as “fun”. It blows the Kenda Klaw away for anything remotely loose or sandy and it’s much better for hopping and dropping. I’ll probably never put the Kenda back on my KH29.

Interesting. I’ve heard positive things about the exiwolf before, I think. It’s nice to know my Kenda is still good for mud though as we’re due for quite a bit of rain in the UK :slight_smile:

I’d really like someone to try out the new 29x2.55 Weirwolf tyre though!

Whenever it becomes available…
I’ve been waiting for half a year and still no news. I’m thinking of getting a Panaracer Rampage instead, seems wide enough.

Bring it out to Long Island so we can see if it does better than the Kenda did in the flat department (thorn puncture).


will a kh 29 rim and frame accetpt that how bout the 2.55 weirwolf

what i would like to know is,… do the Kenda 29 tyres have thicker sidewalls than the ExiWulf?

all WTB 29er tyres seem to have paper thin side walls.

I would say there’s more rubber all around. I’ve had many flats with the Kenda, including the one JustOneWheel is alluding to in LI. I don’t want it too heavy, but for Muni you need a tire that doesn’t puncture from teensy-weensie thorns, which the Kenda did.

so it sounds like the WTB tyres are better and probobly have more TPI in the casing.that would help with flats alot.

i just wish the sidewall wasnt so lite and thin, not thick like a DH tire but thicker sidwalls like a maxxis or the like would be a plus. i moved on to a 26" wheel for this reason.

Im thinking about replacing my kenda with an exiwolf.

Does anyone know if it will fit comfortably in a semcycle XL frame?

FYI, the WTB Weirwolf 29x2.55 tire is now available in the USA.

Mwa-ha-ha. No actually, I don’t think it’ll fit on the KH29, at least the 2006 version.

My Large Marge - Duro 24" wheelset works without issue in my 2007 KH 29er frame. If there is any question of fit, it will be in vertical clearance.

Right. The Exiwolf clears vertically by a couple mm, and the BA2.35 clears by even less, so I’m just supposing the vertical clearance of the Weirwolf would be too much. Good to know the width is roomy enough for the LM, though.

After a year of riding, the Exiwolf 2.3 on my 29 was really worn. So I switched it out yesterday with a Prowler 2.1. I almost feel as if my uni is a stranger. We don’t handle turns as well and seem to be fighting the trails instead of working together especially the sandy ones

So I’ve ordered a replacement Exiwolf 2.3. In the meantime, I will try to play nicely with the Prowler. Then it take it’s propper place as a wall decoration for my garage.

vertical clearance for wider tyres on KH frames

While I am a regular reader of this forum, I rarely seem to have much to add to compared to your experience, but in this case perhaps those using the older KH29 frames might find this mod to be of interest. Please see Increasing tyre clearance on '05 KH29 The picture shows a BA 2.35

I would just add to what I wrote then that I believe the twisting which I can only detect when idling (IF the brakes are mounted) was present before I cut away part of the gusset.

Also, I am currently using the Choirmaster 29 x 2.35 (60-622) tyre which also fits fine. While too expensive, I have found this tyre to be much better for our conditions than the Klaw, both thanks to the extra volume and to improved traction, on our mainly dry and stony tracks. It also seems more stable at lower pressures on the KH rim.

Next, I will be adding a schlumpf hub, and am getting ready to grind the bearing holder lip.

My thanks to all the forum for all that you have collectively taught us.



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