Review: Koxx-one street cranks

I got a pair of street cranks to test out from and was asked to see how well they hold up and how well they actually work for street.

The plus side, the length truly is GREAT for street and flatland, they are great length for flips and the size along with tapper seemed to help with seat wraps and crankroll type tricks (I still have trouble doing a seat wrap with normal cranks, and I did them 4 outta 5 tries with the streets). For flatland and newstyle street I dont think you can find a better crankset. But heres…

The downside…They are intended to be lighter than the other reinforced cranks, and they used a design similar to that of the Kris Holm/Onza hubset design, if you recal they were not the strongest, just as that older breed they are not quite up for big drops. They are not exactly weak either but if you plan on droppin 7-8 ft walls, these cranks are not for you. I bent my right crank in the Feb-Vid with myself and Spencer Hochberg. We brought a table to the top of I believe a 5 stair in which I aired down. I have done 7 stairs with those cranks and had no problems, but well a table plus 5 wasnt too smart ;).

All in all, they are absolutely amazing if you are a flatland or new style street rider that likes technical tricks more than the old school big street. So great for new street and flatland, and if your not into going big and hurtin parts they will be great with the Black Domina, trials size tire, aluminum frame, street cranks, perfect flatland machine and lighter than the Kris Holm unis, and Soon to be on They are currently working on a new sight that will have most, close to all, of the koxx-one line, along with sixsixone gear.


So great for new street and flatland, and if your not into going big and hurtin parts they will be great with the Black Domina, trials size tire, aluminum frame, street cranks, perfect flatland machine and lighter than the Kris Holm unis


Maybe lighter, but not stronger.
Just buy a KH 2007 and you’ve got a ultimate trials/street/flatland unicycle.

Peter M

Lol very good, but its for flatland…not big drops and trials. The Domina doesnt have to have tank strength, its designed made and sold for flatland unicycling :smiley:

Yeah but do you really think a domina would be much better than a kh for flatland? The kh is light and has really nice shaped cranks. The domina might be slightly lighter but with a Kh you can do whatever you want and not have to be worried about stuff breaking.

There arent many people out there that just do flatland, most people who do flatland do that and street so what is the point of having 2 unis instead of one thats good for everything. If you are just going to do flatland and feel like you want to spend a lot more money then get the domina but a KH is better for more things.

KH ftw.

good review though. I’ve been wondering how these cranks held up.

Thanks, well they help up my friend Jordan doing a 10ft drop to slanted dirt…(he didnt land) im kinda heavy though so it really depends on the rider…And spence its like having a freestyle uni…I would rather do freestyle an flatland on a domina than a semcycle…

Intresting seeing as how there are far more semcycles being ridden than dominas.

Well if you are doing freestyle a semcycle would be way better…because its a freestyle uni. A domina is just a light trials uni. I think the domina is really cool but I think a kh would be more practical since its stronger and you still have a really light uni. I like that the domina is a longneck so the seat clamp doesnt get in the way. The domina does look better because it is not that same blue that everyone has…I would still go kh though:p

It’s okay Cody, we understand. We all like free stuff too.


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