Review: Eclat Surge Plastic Pedals

Eclat Surge Plastic Pedals

I’ve been riding these pedals for a week now, and I have mixed feelings.

-Concave surface gives flipping a nice feel.
-Same “Soft” feeling upon landing that the Twisted PC’s have.

-Very little grip. The knurled surface was supposed to provide more grip, but it really does nothing. My feet slip off of these pedals just as easily as they slip off of my two-month-old Twisted PC’s.
-The pedals seem to have a smaller surface area than the PC’s. Since I have size 13 feet, I want as much surface area as possible. I find myself landing on the very edge of the pedal more, resulting in more UPD’s.

Overall, the concave shape of the pedals is interesting, but I’m going to be purchasing Twisted PC’s next time around. If you like pedals that aren’t grippy, or have small feet, these may be for you. Otherwise, I’d buy a different set of pedals.

What do you use the pedals for? Is it for street and grinds? What other pedals are there out there for this? What do people generally use for street?

I use Twisted PC nylon pedals which work fine, but I don’t think they’re much different from the pedals you reviewed.

If you need more pedal width, this will cause more clearance issues.

What shoes do you use for riding?

Have you considered buying some stiff soled shoes, such as the 5.10 DH shoe? I ride in them, they are very comfortable and with a moderately stiff sole I have a stronger position even when my foot isn’t all the way on the pedals.

i ride flatland with these pedals for a while now
i like them, strong a lot of space for your foot
the grip is ok for flatland

I’m figuring you paid more for these then you would for Twisted PC’s. Is that correct?

where i bought them the price was exactly the same for odyssey twisted pc’s or for eclat surge… :stuck_out_tongue:

if u want pedals with a larger surface area get the Animal Hamilton pc’s. My friend has them, and theyre a bit larger than the twisted pc’s. I really like the animals, im gettin a pair soon.

p.s. i have the twisted pc’s now and im not a huge fan of them. i do find them a sort of small. and i wish they had a knurled surface

oh great im in the market for some crap. but anyways animals are mad pedals i’ve got them now, they have lasted well too.