revamping the Old Coker

Well my old Coker was a pain in the ***: weighted like a tank, the rim was almost impossible to true… and frankly I was afraid of the beast.
So I decided to change some components.
Bought a new Nimbus Rim: Oops the spokes did not fit! so bought some new spokes and learned how to lace the wheel with 4 crosses (Roger I am going to send you a mail about that - I think I have a better idea to explain this to newbies-). Then Didier from our Muni group started to true the wheel: well trueing such a big wheel is a very hard task (even for an expert like Didier) but he succeeded!
then I put 140 mm cranks (I can’t freemount with 125 and 150 are a bit long).
Then new nightRider tire.

Now I am the king of the woods! frankly I like the feeling (I still miss 2 freemounts out of 3 but this is going to change) the wheel is still a bit heavy for my Achille’s tendons but it rolls beautifully!
Got to train, got to train… Happiness is a warm Coker !

Hello Bernard,

I’m very happy you like your new wheel and thank you for your nice congratulations; it was a pleasure to built this wheel for you :slight_smile:

See you soon with your coker lightweighted :stuck_out_tongue: I propose to name it Coker SL (SL for Sport Lightweight) instead of current Mirza nickname !