Reuse hub bearing

I have a new nimbus disc hub, and am not sure what size disc I will want to stick with.

Once I put on a disc and press on the bearing, if I pull the bearing to swap discs, can I still reuse the bearing? I have no idea how much force and damage might be incurred.
I have this bearing puller set.

The bearing is pushed up against 25.6mm diameter shoulder, and the od of the inner race is 26.3mm(along with a chamfer).
I think it would be really hard to make a bearing puller that is the exact size to only contact the inner race.

This bearing puller is designed for removing these bearings and does not tend to damage them:

Generally any time you pull a bearing off by the outer race, you should replace it. However, your set looks like it pulls at the inner race so would probably be okay if you can fit it in there.

Outer or inner race and your fine. Careful not to damage the dust covers and you’re fine. They’re more durable than people give them credit for. I’ve pulled a couple with nothing more than some bent pieces of metal and still ride them. The puller works well, but if you already have a puller that should work too.

Okay, I’ll not worry about it too much then, thanks everyone!

Though, I can actually get it to only contact the inner race for the disc side(but not the non-disc side). first picture is disc-side, other two are non-disc side.

You are usually fine just reusing them, no matter where you pull them. Unicycle bearings are so non-critical and easy to replace that if they are not visibly damaged it would be a waste not to. Worst case, you would have to loosen 6 bolts, pull cranks and bearings and refit the new stuff, really not that big of a deal. Best case they’ll last for years to come.

I actually won’t be able to pull by inner race because the disc will be in the way.
But glad to hear the bearing will be fine either way.