Returning to unicycling

Just getting back into unicycling after 30 years and I’m looking at the Torker LX 24". I don’t think I’ll need a real heavy duty unicycle but would like the speed and lightweight of a unicycle like the LX–and it looks like the price is right.

Any suggestions or recommendations before my birthday gets here?


Re: Returning to unicycling

Glad to see your coming back into the sport after 30 years!

Yes, the 24" Torker LX sounds perfect for what you are looking for. It is a good unicycle at a very decent price. Some people might say that it sucks because it broke going off a 2ft drop, but that is because it is not designed for that. It is merely a unicycle designed for good ol’ riding, and freestyle too.

Also, you might want to post this again in Rec.Sport.Unicycling for more replies. :slight_smile:


excellent choice…after 30 years seats have changed and the ones that come on the LX’s will feel like a couch.


I can see that after trying one at the bike shop. 1) I can still ride–which was what I wanted to check. 2) My original unicycle which my Dad got for me in 1961 was a 12" wheel pneumatic and had a leather derrailleur seat on it. I forgot the name of the guy in LA who made it but he was a pretty famous unicycle guy all the way back to the 20s…even built a one wheel motorcycle that you sat inside of back then. Looking forward to it.