Returning to unicycling after 8-ish years!

Hello! I’m Izzy. I’m 26 and I live in the South West of England. I learned to ride a unicycle as a teenager, but my poor unicycle has been languishing in my parents shed since I went to university 8 years ago. But on a recent visit to their house, I dug it out again and was delighted to find I can still ride it! I’d still call myself a beginner - I can ride around somewhat comfortably, but I have yet to learn to free mount or idle or anything more technical like that. I’m most inspired by the idea of taking my unicycle off road and having a go at some (very tame) mountain unicycling. I’m really happy to have picked this hobby up again, and it will surely keep me entertained during the UK’s latest Covid lockdown. And it’ll be lovely to chat with all you unicyclists on here, as it’s very rare to meet another one in real life!


Welcome to the forum, Izzy! If you learned to ride in the first place, you’ve got the perseverance to learn more techniques, such as free mounting, idling, etc. Time + Patience = Success! Glad to hear you want to ride off road. Unicycling, for me, got really fun when I started riding off-road. If you don’t already, get some safety gear. You’re going to fall on uneven ground. I have only run across other unicyclists (not including group rides) on a few occasions. We are a rare bunch.


Hi Izzy,

Welcome to the forum and back to one wheel riding, Thats great that have mananged to carry on where you left off from, What size uni are you riding? My guess would be a 20".

I am from the south kinda west of uk and not only do i enjoy riding unicycles i enjoy building them as well.

I would call myself around an average rider as i do freemount,can idle,currently learning backwards and i am riding a nimbus hatchet off road and doing not bad on it, Im currently building a very odd ball 27.5/29" muni which i might start a thread of to see if anyone is interested.

You will find much help and advice on here and im sure we would all like to hear your progress.


It’s a 24" unicycle. It was just a very cheap one that I found on the internet when I decided I wanted to learn, so it doesn’t even seem to have a brand name, but I did make sure to get one with a wheel that isn’t tiny. One day I might treat myself to one that’s actually designed for off-road!
That’s awesome that you build unicycles! I’d be interested to hear more.

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Hats off to you learning on a 24" :grinning:

Everyone starts on a cheapie so never mind that, have you tried a 20" yet? They are easier to learn on and give skills to take over to larger wheel sizes. Once you get the bug and move to quality unicycles you will find that they ride nicer,smoother and just feel stronger.

Last year i built a nimbus hatchet from a frame, There is a thread on here about it which il try and find later when i get a chance. The hatchet is amazing but they are beasts of a uni to move around but fantstic fun to ride, they also seam to make people you see out smile more so than regular unicycles.

Then i built a nimbus equinox pro 20" from frame again just as a treat to replace a club 20". Really like it as its super light and strong.

And my current build is a 29" frame that im buliding a 27.5" wheel for it and its going to have brake disc on it and knobbly tyre on so i can use it for muni thats easier that the hatchet.

How often are you riding ? A positive to the lockdown situation is being able to get out riding for sure.

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