Returning for advice

Just getting back into unicycling after 30 years and I’m looking at the Torker LX 24". I don’t think I’ll need a real heavy duty unicycle but would like the speed and lightweight of a unicycle like the LX–and it looks like the price is right.

Any suggestions or recommendations before my birthday gets here?


As a rank beginner, I like the LX a lot and I think it’s a good value. I’m sure you’ll hear from others, though who will disparage its durability, especially when taken off of drops or ridden really hard. I’m nowhere near that level of riding, though I hope to be someday. To me, $100 to try something I had never tried before and to learn is a good value even if I need to upgrade in less than a year. My LX looks really solid and I think for what it is the build quality is good.

Hope this helps


Thanks…I just ordered one. If I ever get crazy, I figure I could buy a rugged 20" uni. Looking forward to starting again after all these years. I tried one at the bike store just to be sure I hadn’t lost what it takes and did pretty well so I figure I’ll be rolling in a short time.


Welcome back to unicycling Carey.:slight_smile:

Nice choice on the Torker…I think you’ll be happy - a 24" wheel is great for all-around riding.

Keep us up-to-date on how you doing.