Retro Unicycle video

While browsing youtube I found this:
Pretty old skool unicycling. At first I thought it was the Muniac guys, but im not sure. Can anyone else shed some light on this?


This was the first unicycle video I ever watched! I couldn’t believe people did stuff like that on unicycles. I did post this video a while back but I don’t think anyone knew who it was

That guy has some skills! haha could have done with some music though because i got bored very quick. And maybe a helmet would have helped aswell :D.

It does look kind of like them.

Great riding, esp. considering how old the vid is.

I don’t think I’ve seen this vid before though. No music :thinking: :frowning:

haha retro = 2005, nice.

I found this vid better than the average “360-crankflip-spin-on- flat-ground-bla-bla-video” that people make these days.

Ha Ha, so did I! It reminds me of the first unicycle videos I watched and thinking “I wanna be able to do that!”
The old skool videos are the best, My favorite uni video is still Spaced out!


Naa. Universe 1 is better.

I would think this would be really be “old school!”…like 41 years ago! I was 11 years old when my dad shot this with his ancient film camera. :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s a repost:

The person in that vid is the same person in this skateboard vid. its mainly skateboarding but its reaally fun to watch. he does a grind on his unicycle towards the end.

by the way, the the caption of the video says his name is david attkison

Much of the footage in this movie is in whistler BC.

It really isn’t that old, it even sais its from 2005.

I think most of their footage (if it’s the guys we’re thinking of) was put out in 2002.

That is a really good skate segment. It got pretty repetitive at the end though:(, the quik cut editing significantly reduced the pain:o