Retirement from Norco Factory Team


Just wanted to mention that I’ve retired from the Norco Factory Trials Team for the 2007 season. It has been a great 8 years on the team and it has been a lot of fun to do demos with Ryan Leech, and indirectly Norco has played a role in our sport through support of the films I’ve done.

However, it’s it’s time to focus more on KH team instead, and for me to continue moving towards being the sponsor rather than being sponsored. This is not a retirement from riding!

Kris Holm

That’s sad in one way, because you don’t do demo’s with Norco now anymore.
So a little publicity is going away.
On the other hand it’s beter for the KHU company.
You will have more time for developing products, look at riders etc.
Good that you say your not quiting, that would be to bad.
You are great rider and a pionier of extreme unicycling.
Thanks for all the products and making this sport come out more.


I was kinda scared for a second, because I thought you were gonna say that you were retiring from riding…this is a GOOD thing though, in that you’ll be riding for your own company more and make new stronger better stuff.

kris holms rox!

still mad about he dont come to brazil in his south america travel


kidding kh… i love ya!

Makes me wonder if they’ll get any requests for sponsorship from other unicyclists… I always though it a slight bit weird that one of the big bike manufacturers had a unicyclist on the team, though I guess it is a good promo.

I am sponsored by a bike factory too. I think it is a good promotion for the factory, because everytime I ride, I share much more interest from the crowd then MTB riders. At it is cool because we promote unicycling in the mtb world like Kris.

so are you going to add any new members to the khu team (uses best spelling in hopes of getting picked)

Yes there will be a few more additions to the KH team for 2007, already picked. I’ll post about that soon.


Congratulations! Let me know if KHU needs any marketing positions filled as it becomes THE name in unicycling.