Results 38km timetrial in the Netherlands

Saturday we had a 38km long timetrial over the Dutch Afsluitdijk, a 25km dike that connects 2 provinces. We had both competitors from Germany and Holland, which made for an interesting race.

The Afsluitdijk

1 Dustin Schaap   NL   1:26:09              26.5km/h
2 Jan Logemann    DE   1:31:37   +0:05:28   24.9km/h
3 Klaas Bil       NL   1:41:59   +0:15:50   22.4km/h
4 Walter de Valk  NL   2:12:47   +0:46:38   17.2km/h
5 Linda Kirner    DE   2:17:59   +0:51:50   16.5km/h
6 Stefan Brux     DE   2:20:21   +0:54:12   16.2km/h
7 Rob Muller      NL   [B]DNF[/B]


Dustin Schaap at the start

Jan Logemann at the start

Stefan Brux very close to the finish

Dustin Schaap just passing Zurich, the last 10km on land

What we do it for :wink:

Apperently the pictures dissapeared…


They’re made by a professional photograph so they’re quite awesome!

Awesome performance and great pictures indeed! That is certainly a very strait/horizontal race.
And I really like your aerobar set up, Dustin. It looks clean!

Nicely done! Was Klaas riding a Schlumpf 29er?

Cool, I’d love to do a race like that:)

What frame is that in the second picture?

On one of those pages I click one link and see this!
Well, they still call me young man. But okay, that was 2001.

…talking about young men
great place to browse pictures!

Well done Dustin…awesome photos.

Pretty impressive avg speed also :slight_smile:

What cranks were you using?

Wow - Dustin’s avg speed was 16.466 mph for those of us who are metric-challenged.

Congrats to all finishers.

Klaas was riding his new Nimbus 36er w/ steel rim

I’m not sure actually, I asked Jan but it’s not actually his unicycle, I think it was custom made in the US, so it came a long way.

I was riding 100’s, the shortest Qu-ax ISIS cranks available at the moment. I’m going to ask Egon to make shorter ones or maybe I’ll try drilling some cheap aluminium ones…

Somebody needs a guni…Dustin?

Write-up and pictures from Klaas’s perspective is here:

Includes 5 articles that appeared in various papers (all in Dutch).


Hey Klaas Bil!

Nice writeup and GPS charts. Excellent speed for an older, er…I mean, more mature aged man! Congratulations on the third place cup!