Resizing Videos???

Sorry this is in the video forum, and its not a video, but it isn’t uniing and its not really JC.

Anyway, how do you resize videos to get them to upload to youtube or vimeo. I loaded a 1 1/2 minute movie to vimeo and it took 3 hours, it has to be that it is too big. I want to upload a ~3-4 minute video to vimeo but is 645MB and you only get 500MB to upload each week. So how can i reduce the videos to a small, more compact file to upload?

thanks for any help, and please dont get mad if you think this in the wrong forum.

Dude! This is totally the wrong section to post such questions! :angry:

(and if that wasn’t clear enought, [/joke])

What kind of software do you use to edit your video? And how do you export your final product (e.g. what file extension does it have)?

i use the crappy Sony Vegas, the $100 version.

and i think they get rendered as avi files…if thats what you mean. I am pretty bad w/ computer other than editing and stuff, i dont know any of the technical stuff

I haven’t used Vegas myself but try this Youtube tutorial. Good luck.

thanks alot. i didnt use much of that…but i figured out that i could save it as wmv and its only 11.something MB now…thanks SO much

Youtube allows for 1gig uploads. Makes the whole compression part of importing not too big of a deal anymore.

idk it wouldnt work 4 me bu ti got vimeo working now so its all good

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: