Replacing Schwinn 24in rim w/standard 24in

Re-spokeing my childhood Schwinn unicycle to a newer-to-me alloy wheel that takes a standard 24 in tire (the schwinn could not)
Challenge is: The original hub is 28 spokes; newer wheel has 32. (If it’s impossible I understand, but…) so far I’ve covered 4 holes 90 degrees apart. Is this possible? Beginner wheelsmith here…

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Welcome!!! This is both interesting and terrifying!!

I would replace the hub, but I am very interested with what veteran wheel builders will recommend here.

Totally possible. But adjusting will be not so easy.
Also if you got a double-walled rim, better get longer spokes than a spoke calc says. Some spokes need to be longer to reach its hole after that gap. I suppose 2-3mm longer should be enough.

The problem with more holes on the rim, and fewer on the hub, is that you have to skip holes on the rim, which leaves sections of rim that are unsupported and weak.

You would also need to use multiple very different spoke lengths, and if your rim is drilled for a particular spoke direction, you might have spokes going the “wrong” way.

Anyway, it’s not impossible, but it’s not a great idea, and it’s not a beginner project!

More holes on the hub, fewer on the rim, is much easier, since the rim is properly supported at every hole, and the difference in spoke lengths is much smaller. I have a 36 hole hub with a 32 hole rim, and it’s just fine.


Having some space on the rim without the spokes is not a big deal. There are wheels designed in this way. They’re not for extreme usage though.

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I’ll leave my Campag Zonda’s on my road bike I think – might be a bit sketchy lacing the rear one of those to a unicycle hub :wink:

Once you ride a more modern unicycle you will leave your old Schwinn behind. I gave my classic cotterless crank Schwinn to a friends daughter and my really old cottered crank Schwinn is collecting dust in my basement.
Unless your motivation is a nostalgic desire to restore a memory of your youth you would be better off putting that money toward a new modern uni.

Here’s the Schwinn I gave away after I gave it a face lift.