Replacing pedal pins

I have some Primo super-tenderizer pedals and I can’t get the pins out. The pins appear to be a press-fit.

I tried pulling them out with needle-nose vicegrips but they slip off because the pins are too rounded down, and then I tried sticking a small screwdriver under them and prying them out, but I can’t get under them.

The pins I’m trying to replace don’t have access on the backside of the pin so I can’t pound them out. How do you get those suckers out of there?

I’ve never seen press fit pins. On all the pin pedals I’ve seen the pins have either been molded and are part of the pedal body, or threaded and can be unscrewed from the pedal.

if the hex heads are rounded off cut a groove in the top and unscrew them with a screwdriver.

or use a screw extractor, its a left hand trhreaded self tapping screw, you drill a hole in the top of the rounded out screww and teghten it up and as you turn is losens the screw.

however if they don’t have hex heads then theyre not designed to come out and you probably wont get the replacements in.

I believe the pins are replaceable because they gave me 6 extra pins in the box that the pedals came in, and I was able to knock one pin out where I had access to the backside of the pin.

The particular pins that I need to replace don’t have backside access so perhaps they weren’t designed to be replaced.

Anyways, I was able to drill out a pin and replace it with a new pin after tapping it in with a hammer. I would have to replace 16 pins this way, so I may wind up replacing the pedals.

The attached picture shows my replaced pin on the left, a loose press-fit pin in the middle, and a rounded-down pin on the right.


Hey Doug,
Try this: using a pair of diagonal cutters (wire cutters) grasp the pins from the side below the collar (as if you were trying to cut them off) then squeeze and raise the handle end of the pliers causing the tip of the pliers to push down against the pedal body. This action will mimic using a claw hammer to pull a nail. I do this quite often to remove broken objects that do not protrude much (such as small finishing nails)

i’ve not seen this type before but a screw extractor would probably work, however it might cost as much as a set of new pedals.
i’d reccomend a set with screw in pins :wink:

Thanks guys, but the pins are way too soft to get a good grip on them with any kind of tool. I’m almost certain now they’re molded as part of the pedal body as Jason suggested. But I can still add more pins than the original and create a super-grippy custom pedal.

The pin pictured on the right is not replaceable, the only pins that are replaceable on tenderizers are the ones on the crossbars, I think.