replacement pins for snafus

Seems none of the LBS-of which there are more than 20 in my area!-stock replacement traction pins for bmx-type platform pedals…and several shops didn’t even know what I was referring to!

Anyway, I have snafu pedals that use the allen-type threaded pin, not the more common phillips head pin that goes all the way in flush, with the pin sticking out the other side. I looked at the website, but could only find the phillips head pins. I need the allen head pin, where the allen “head” sticks out, and is the traction side. Anybody know where I can get at least 5-10 of them? Thanks!:smiley:

This should do it…you will need the phillips head ones at the bottom of the page.

i guess you could try your local hardware store or similar, they may have a range of different bolts there, some may suit what you’re looking for. other than that you could try ebay.

They have a unusual OD/thread. I tried all the parts stores in town and no one could match the thead and size. Buying slightly bigger and stripping them into place might work, but…

For Snafu replacement pins is one place I know of.

you can get lik 25 for $5

that;s what I did…

if you wanted bigger pins for some reason, you could tap the thread to make it bigger, and put some bigger pins in you got from a hardware store. i dont know if you’d want to do that but. do you loctite your pins in?

You should have read his first post…he said he already checked danscomp and they didnt have what he needed.

I should have, but no. I will now!:smiley:

At least that’s what I could gather from the website. It appears that they don’t have the allen-head style that will fit snafu; I plan to call them tomorrow to find out the specifics. It really surprises me that the LBS’s DON’T normally carry these- they seem to be a very common replacement item. Whatever.:o

my LBS carrys them. I guess your not being lucky.

You’re saying that they have [in stock] the actual “allen-head” type pin, specifially to fit the snafu sealed bearing platform pedal? If so, please give me the name of the shop and their phone number (with area code). Thanks!

Good god man, they’re only screws. Go to any industrial supply place ( to name a few), and browse through their metric fastener selection. Then, for $5, just buy 100 of whatever screw looks right. If it’s wrong, but the next size up or the next sixe down. Bike shops are not the places to buy screws, unless you want to get screwed in the proccess.

Won’t they be one of these, either the 2 or 3 mm ones.

I think all the pedals I have use 3mm M3 grub screws, although I know some pedals have smaller ones.


the silver philips screws in his link are the ones you want.

also, dude there only pins.

We sell them in the UK


NOPE! THe pins in MY snafs are the ALLEN head type! The phillips head goes in “flush” and thepin sticks out the OTHER side…The pins in MY snafs screw into the pedal, but do NOT stick out the other side- the end that you screw in (the allen end) only goes in to the end of the threads, the rest of it stays out and IS the pin/traction side.

Yeah, I saw those. First off, thery’re in the UK! Second, there is no picture indicating whether they will fit MYSPECIFIC pedal.

I laready gave you the freaking link!

Calm down little man! You said the following: <<the silver philips screws in his link are the ones you want.>> I replied that those were NOT the correct pins. But thanks for the link. I had asked you for the PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS of YOUR local bike shop, that you claim carries them. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Terry, you’re killing me here. Go to the mcmaster link I provided earlier, and search “metric setscrews”. Then go to town. Your pedals are not special, exotic, or new, and neither are the screws. Snafu is not using a proprietary thread here. The screws are 6mm long, and M3 (get the M3 and M2.5 if you really aren’t sure). If you can tie your shoes you can use that link. If not, you’d better get used to slippery pedals.