replacement dx cranks?

is there anyplace to buy dx cranks? I’m going to buy the trials dx and was wondering if all of the parts are replacable. I just want to make sure I can get new parts without buying a whole new unicycle. thanks. :slight_smile:

Well you can go to your LBS all the ones I have ever been to out here sell mainly Dx parts. I have replaced most every part from a Bike shop.

Really? All the crappy shops in my area have only square taper cranks, and profile type splined ones.

Qu-Ax cranks will fit. UDC only has 170 mm, but I the only place where I could find other size options was here at

I’m pretty sure qu-ax cranks don’t fit a dx.

im pretty sure they will :slight_smile:
people have done it

really? that’s awesome! so if I have 170 mm cranks on a 19’’ wheel, is it basically going to be impossible to pedal without hitting the ground on each half rotation?

i have ridden 175s on a 20" which is how big a 19" ends up being anyways
its a 2.5" tire on a 15" rim
instead of a 2" tire on a 16" rim…

EDIT: it sucks though
you don’t want anything longer than 150s … actually … 140s are plenty long

Unless you ride exclusively trials and don’t do much pedaling.

most the time they have to order it…But everyone I have gone to has been able to :thinking:

you don’t want 175s
they are an arse
and you still want 140s; longer and you WILL bend the huband/or break the cranks more often.

does anybody know of any chains that carry torker?
Use their dealer locator.

Can you give a link? I’m on the verge of getting a new unicycle, and while the DX is one of my options, I want the option of getting shorter cranks.

do a search, I have no idea where it was said, i just remember a few people saying they switched them out

I tried searching here and google before I made that post, and came up with nothing.