Repairing KH flanges?

Hi! I’m about to kill a second KH 2007 hub and right now I am totaly not able to buy a replacement. I would like to know if it would be a good ideal to weld the flanges before they break? My friend could weld it for me(for free!) so I am really thinking about it. I guess it wont affect it even if it doesn’t work. If it just make it lasts a little biy longer I’ll do it.


You have nothing to loose. weld em up and let us know how they hold up.

Your guess may or may not be correct, depending on the proficiency of your welder and the equipment he uses.

If done poorly you could change the temper of the metal. This might leave you with a brittle hub…

Well, my friend knows how to weld, his welds aren’t really beautiful but they are solid. He welded my bike to get it fixed and I never got any problems with the weld. I’ll let him try on my broken hub and if it doesn’t affect the metal he will weld the “good” one.

get us some pictures!

My friend repaired it! It looks aweful but it looks strong! Ill post pictures tonight and Ill start riding it tonight also. But his welds are really ugly and huge!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I really suck at taking pictures:p I’ll try to get better ones next time I have light. It really looks like shit, but I think it should hold up for a while. I’ll do a review after a long time, also I’ll tell you guys if it ever breaks again.

looks like they should be strong

that looks nice and ugly, hope it holds!

Bet it weighs quite a bit more than before too…

Yeah, I just asked him to weld it, I said “Do whatever you want, but weld the flanges”, He decided to weld a straight line in the middle for nothing. The welds are huge, and ugly but they should hold up for a while. I have a spare wheel anyway now:p

Here it is now! I took a better picture today:)

“Pretty welds” aren’t just for aesthetics. They’re the result of a confluence of proper preparation, proper settings (i.e. voltage and feed rate), and welding techniques.

A uniform bead also ensures the metal does not oxidize in places that could compromise the strength of the weld.

If that picture is evidence that your friend knows how to weld, then that picture is also evidence that I am the world’s top brain surgeon.

ok… He might not know how to weld, but he can weld stuff together. That’s what I mean when I say he only knows how to weld.

The hub is holding strong now, I haven’t got anything new with it except a little bit of rust, I guess 3 coats of clear coat wasn’t enough. I’m gonna be riding it hard so I want good results from it:)

those look like very porous welds.