Renting / borrowing a uni in NYC

I’m visiting my sweetheart in Brooklyn/NYC from next week.
Is there such a thing as Uni-Rental?
Or someone willing to rent one out to me?
Ideally a 24" since it’s for town riding. I’ll be there for one week, then in Charlotte, NC for two weeks (maybe rent it there…), then NYC for one more week.

Do you mean like this one in London UK ?

That would be extremely nifty, if it existed. Is the one in London even still there? My understanding was that it was a promotional campaign for a gambling business and as such probably wouldn’t be around permanently. Come to think of it, I think an end date was announced at the time, and has surely passed as this was awhile ago.

It would be hard to make a successful business case for adding unicycles to the existing bicycle rental kiosks in Nashville. Maybe the case could be made in NYC. Maybe not. They’d have to pick a size (I think the bikes are 26 or so, and all the same), and it would probably have a road tire. They’d probably want whoever makes their bikes make the unis too, and that might be another battle. Especially since the retaining scheme would necessarily be different, so a unicycle bay would have to be designed and built or the existing one retrofitted somehow. But then, hey, whoever the gambling folks bought theirs from already has a design.

I wish that was a worldwide thing that most countries had

I wish it were something that existed in at least one country…

So my thoughts now are:

  • get an extra uni from UDC, Nimbus 26" Freestyle sounds nice and it would be a new one in the family,
  • bring one of mine, but only my Equinox will fit in the suitcase nicely. It’s good for practice but not for distance.
  • just spend a month away from the saddle…

I have a vague memory that there is an active uni club in NY. Maybe get in touch with Adam Cohen at to see if he can help you connect with the club, or with someone who would loan a uni.

I’ll be in NYC for Labor Day weekend and plan to check my 24" as luggage on the plane. Couldn’t you do that? It will go into a bag I plan on making. I think UDC sells a bag.


From yesterday’s ride…


Yes, I think it was only there for a week or two.


So here is the solution I found…: