Renowned series - episode 4

Here you go, enjoy guys :slight_smile:

I can’t believe this went a whole day without any comments.
Great riding. All the Renowned Series videos are great. Thanks for putting them together. I love these collaborations.

this should have more comments!! :smiley:
Really nice edit Emile,
good riding and crazy flatcombo’s :slight_smile:

WOW!!! Totally solid video. :astonished:

Keep up the good work.

Yay another flat vid.
(Not my fault xD)

Loved that fulloutspin off the wall to 90 pedal grab thing Tim.

Thank you guys!

Yes, unfortunately, I had a few issues with riders and receiving clips so it turned out to be an unbalanced crew. (*cough Chris H *cough *cough :stuck_out_tongue: ) Episode 5 should be more balance riding style wise.

Tim i love you

Tim I you made me love this video! Your riding is so big and techy and still has a style that makes everything look hard! I love it man!!

Emile great job with the edit, the music fits it quite nicely :wink: