Renegade Juggling - What's going on?


I’ve been trying to reach renegade juggling for the past 2 weeks, leaving 2 e-mails and trying to call a few times but I never got any answer.

Anyone knows what is up with them? Juggling convention or closed for a few weeks or anything?

Thank you,


they shouldn’t be at any conventions that I know of, IJA was their big trip back a month or so ago.

Make sure a reply isn’t in your junk mail (it’s a long shot, I know)

Good luck : ) keep trying.

Yeah I dunno. I inquired about some K1 parts a while ago and they were pretty expedient w/ replying. ??

Talked to the owner by phone last week, ordered cranks, they arrived two days later.

That’s too bad I can’t get a hold from them… either by phone or by mail. I need cranks and bearings.

And yes, I did check my spam mail, not in there :wink:

EDIT: Finally, just called again (4th time) and got and answer :slight_smile: