Removing Harbingers from my hands

I just got a set of Harbinger wristwrap gloves. They really are a terrific wrist protector. I know that there are a lot of other unicyclist that have them. I put them on Saturday for the first time for a Coker ride and haven’t been able to get them off since. :roll_eyes: Has anyone figured out an easy way to remove them from their hands?

Re: Removing Harbingers from my hands

Hold them in the freezer for two hours, then crack them with a hammer.

I have a pair but I find them way too hot to wear.


flex your fingers a lot to loosen them up

push up on the plastic palm piece

raise your arms above your head to shrink your fingers

grab the fingers with pliers and pull

go on a crash diet

ride a lot, switching hands for hopping

employ flesh-eating bacteria in strategic places

(add yours here)

They can be a little difficult to remove, but I don’t ride without them. You pretty much have to pull each individual finger part way off, then you can push them off from the wrist. I don’t even think about it anymore. Like most things, it becomes second nature after a while.


Sounds bad.


naaah, all you need is some butter

Uthe your teef.