Reminder : you can set your location to be added to an interactive user map 🌍

After @mowcius told me that the location field in your profile wasn’t working properly, I fixed the issue.

So this is a good time to remind you that you can fill your location in your profile:

Your location will be added to a world map, using your avatar as your icon.

The world map is now available in the “hamburger” menu on the top right of the forum (and also from the users list):

Here’s how it looks:

You can zoom in each cluster to see more precisely where is who:

You can also click any icon to see the user’s profile.

It would be neat if we could see a bit more where we are all around the world (currently 70 users have filled in their location), so I invite you to fill it as well if you wish to. :slight_smile:

:information_source: I’m aware it can be confusing since there is already a map on the top of the forum, but the latter is independent of the forum, users’ locations are probably less often updated, and it contains additional information like clubs or events.

In the future, it would be cool if we could combine all this various data (including the calendar) in a single place, and have the information updated frequently, but that is quite difficult to do.