Reinforcement for GB4 Handle

I decided to go to rail adapters on my Coker and dicovered an excellent benefit. I had used an inexpensive Viscount Base for my Coker with GB4 handle because it was steel. It had been working well for a while. Lately after some UPD’s the base had bent. It bent back and was OK but I was worried it wasn’t a permament deal. I thought I would have to cut off the brake mount on the rail adapter I got. When I layed it in place to see how it would fit with the GB4 handle…WOO HOO. I hope this works with the reeder also. If so they could be used on KH bases without a problem.

The only mod was to drill a hole, a couple of washers and cut a little bevel at the bottom.

Looks pretty darn good!

that baby sould be in a car seat.

nice, I suggest putting a washer on that nut.

Imagine if you had the brake lever welded to the handle, It would definately add enough support for a plastic base seat.

Any updates on the availability of a KH seat stiffener like the one for the Miyata?