"Regis & Kelly" Morning Show

I was at the gym this morning and Kelly was trying to ride a unicycle on their show. She was your typical 1st timer on the uni. They say that she is going to practice and by next week she will be much better.

I couldn’t tell what kind of unicycle, but it was a 20" street style uni, chrome. It was adjusted to fit her well. Howie Mandell gave her a helping hand to get her mounted, but it was a 1/2 attempt. Then she held to the side of the desk and rode the lenght of the desk and back. Then Howie helped her again and she did a severe lean before falling off. Side note: She kept on her very highheels the whole time.

Very cool to see a uni on a morning show. I didn’t catch the first part, so I have no idea why she (or the show) is having her attempt to ride. I say they have Kris on next week for a real demo! (or, they could just ask me :D) --chirokid–

cool,now we have somone to nominate for the “most annoying superficial dumb blonde to ride a unicycle award”

looks like Harpers out this year :wink:

hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! thats awesome! it made my day!

If she actually learns how to ride the unicycle, I’ll be impressed and have to respect her. And if she actually starts riding as a hobby, I don’t think we could make fun of her too much. But what are the chances of her actually learning?

ok heres the deal.on the Pacific coast i had an hour till the show came on so i watched it.thank gawd it was in the first 20 minutes of the show,i would lose my mind if i had to watch another minute off that crap.

it was an older chrome Torker with the seat made for kids.she mounted first with heels,but did take them off for the “desk assisted” ride of about 4 feet.

she is supposed to ride it unassisted on the show next week for some charity thing…and she said the unicycle was given to her by a “circus clown”

<now pardon me while i go beat my head with a rubber hammer to ease the pain>

There are things I’d rather see Kelly riding…but I’ll stop before I go too far :wink:

mm yes good point

Good old 6 degrees…

My wifes cousin is a designer in New York and has designed several dresses for Kelly Ripa.

You can see his whole sight at John Russell
I have always liked her. Hell of a lot better than Kathy Lee!

Rubber? Not good enough!

Yes, I would respect her too.
However, deep down, I hope she fails to learn to ride, therefore making us “real talents” look even better. I do hope the show has some great rider(s) to demo.
Even if it means Jagur loses respect for me, I would sure ride on the show. --chirokid–

If they will fly me up there, I will teach her how to ride for free. This will require many long intensive lessons to get her riding within one week. I am willing to suffer for the cause.:smiley:
On the other hand I don’t think I could bear an entire week away form my wife and daughter. If I was to spend that week with Kelly Ripa, they may not be here when I get back! :astonished:

If the producer only knew the facts, he could auction off that opportunity to the entire UCF board. I assume he could collect a nice fee allowing one of us that privilage.
Of course, my “Kelly” is Mrs. Chirokid, and she is one super hot mama herself, so my only reason for going would be to offer my services to a young lady in need of assistance. :slight_smile:

As long as the show paid me my normal take-home, Mrs. Chirokid wouldn’t mind me going at all. But without that fee, it would cut into her Mall Money too much. That wouldn’t make her happy. --chirokid–

This post is worthless without pics.:smiley: Of course we all know Doctors get the ladies.:wink:

Another reason I need a digital camera. --chirokid–

Wouldn’t you need one of those for the office? Seems like a business expense to me. I had to have one for my business. Have to document everything.

Business Expense, teaching Kelly to ride? Hummmm --chirokid–

Sorry Jag…she told me it would be good for a tax write-off. :wink: