Reflecto (Xavier Collos & Adrien Delecroix)

Got you all excited with the title? Awwn, Xav isn’t actually riding in this but he was part of the project, Adrien is though, and the video is sick.

The story of a man chased by his conscience after breaking up with his past…

A film by Xavier Collos, Jingze Sun and Julien Favini

Promotion ARTFX 2011

Damn you and your misleading title, nice video though :smiley:

That was pretty sweet, even if it didn’t have what I wanted in it.

what an awesome video! couldn´t have imagined where a uni vid would go one day. is it still one? absolutely stunning animations.

SPOILER ALERT further down.

the only way to make this video even better, i thought during first play, is to embed a close up-super slo mo-shot of his face loosing some drops of sweat when he runs around that corner being chased by the clown for the 2nd time. great work! very cinematic.

this should have like…way more replies. it’s an amazing video. that rolling hop over rail to huge drop was amazing. i loved it.

Wow! That was like … professional. Seriously that was one of the best uni films I have ever seen.

Holy hell, that was incredible!

I thought the production of it was really good. Filming and editing etc. But i didn’t enjoy it.

Unicyclefilm in Godmode !!!

It’s because half of the activity that was on here 1 year ago is now on facebook.

Agreed. I’ve seen this posted by so many different people on facebook.

Edit: I forgot to say that it’s awesome video, loved it :slight_smile:

I would say like 90%, but then like 9% of the last 10 is only in the video forum anyway. There used to be sooooo many more street and flat riders on here. :frowning:

Really sick video, I already saw it on facebook too.

The best unicycle video ever!!

I really love it! Watching it now for at least the 5th time, but I’m still finding new details and enjoying it at least as much the first time! :smiley: Xavier, maybe you stopped riding unicycle (or just don’t do it so much more), but I will forgive you if you continue this amazing work!! :smiley:

How do I find this Facebook activity? Does this mean im missing videos I shouldn’t be missing?

so so good, filming editing and effects blew my mind…gap over the rail was amazing too!


I thought it was because people were only usually posting if they had something significant to add (+1’s). I noticed myself doing this over the past year or two. I’m almost never on facebook.

Awsome vid. Definately the most profesionally made uni vid I’ve ever seen, and one of only 3 or 4 w/ a significant plot.

heres the making of video

Are we ment to be happy that the circus gets its revenge or sad? Does the hero win or lose? xD

Maybe its something like: You can never break up with your past? :smiley:

Awesome movie! Outstanding skills with computeranimation! Love it

Wow, this is art!! it is an amazing video!!!