reeder handle questions

is it worth the money? and how would i go about puting it on my lx saddle

people say its realy good and i dont know if it would fit on a lx the only thing is its not good for freestyle because it catches on your pants

I wouldn’t put one on a plastic base, it is really stiff and puts much more presure on the base. If you put that on an lx base it will probably snap alot sooner.

You would have to drill some more holes in the base too since they don’t line up with the lx handle.

…which would weaken your plastic base even more. It’s not a good idea; as spencer said.

The LX saddle is the same as the old myata saddle. I would recommend a myata stiffner plate - then you just drill the saddle. HOWEVER, since the LX foam isn’t removable, you’d probably need to do a myata air seat conversion.

What do you want this for? If muni, go for it! If trials, get a viscount seat and use self tapping screws to attach the reeder handle into the seat steel. If distance, do the air seat conversion, get the stiffener, but put on a GB4 instead of a reeder. If freestyle, don’t change anything, the lx seat is fine as is.

This site will help you: