Red Menace geared 36" unicycle for sale

I’m not riding as much and I need to start downsizing my unicycle collection, part of which is the one-of-a-kind Red Menace. This is a beautifully built 36" unicycle with dual chain drive to allow many different gear ratios. I bought it from its builder several years ago.

You can read its creation story here and see pictures here: Red Menace 36 update

Let me know if you’re interested. It could be a great ride for setting some personal best speed records, it feels amazing to cruise at 20 mph while pedaling slowly, and it looks great.


legendary unicycle. Do you have any recent photos of the beast?

Here’s a photo from yesterday.

Legendary indeed.


How much do you want for this beast?

It’s sold already, barring any shipping difficulties.

Related question: anybody driving from Seattle to Texas in the next month or so?

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Whoops! Not sold, as it turns out.

Talking to the potential buyer inspired me to take it for a couple of test drives and it performed really well. I had to swap out the carbon fiber cranks for aluminum cranks and the disc brakes aren’t working (fluid drained from the system I guess) but otherwise it is in excellent shape.

I made a quick video from my rides a couple of weeks ago. It was only geared up a little bit but you can see it riding really smoothly. Red Menace montage - YouTube

I made another Red Menace video, to demonstrate how to change gears for the purchaser. It kinda got me excited about Red Menace again. It’s a cool machine. The video is a bit long because there are a few finicky steps and because I’m talking through it all, but I think it is mechanically interesting. Here’s the link:


That’s actualy really temping… Such a beautiful machine!

I might PM you, or follow up on our current email :thinking:

I had never seen this before. Wow.

Unfortunately it has sold already, although I’m still figuring out the details of how to get it to CA or KY. Anybody driving to one of those states from the WA area in the next little while?