Red Menace 36 update

Would that be Dave Stockton from LiveWire Unicycles?

ahh i get it now.

i wasn’t sure how the other crank spun at the same time as the other crank. that would make sense.


Your projects are looking great, Pete! They are very impressive.

That’s the goal, Pete. At the moment, I’m working through some bumps in the road. Well, more like NYC potholes that you could lose a tour bus in. :roll_eyes: So the geared projects are on hold for a little while. There are some cool innovations in the works though!

wave Hi Tom!

I thought that Pete’s PurplePhaze had less backlash than either my internally geared hubs or Florian’s. His jackshaft design has really panned out to provide tremendous flexibility with gear ratio choices which are quite limited in internal designs. Hearing that the backlash on RedMenace is even less is good news, too. The massive Coker wheel and tire are only advantageous with geared unicycles in my opinion. It seems to add an element of stability. The addition of a disc brake makes it a complete, flexible, high-speed touring machine. Congratulations, Pete. I hope Dave cranks them out sometime in the future.

May I be the first to break this one, too?

You taught me very well, Greg! I will never again build a prototype that cannot withstand your monumental running start torque! The Phaze prototype may have only lasted 2 seconds in your hands, but NEVER AGAIN! You will soon fear the strength of The Red Menace…in fact, it would take a congressional hearing to stop the spread of this wicked machine! MMWWWAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

bump since someone mentioned it in another thread

Wow! I missed this thread the first time around. Then I realized that it came and went while I was off on vacation.

That thing is a work of art. Very nice. Reminds me of the Guinness commercials: “Brilliant!”

Best bump ever. I also missed this thread the first time around. I am mad jealous, it looks amazing!

I know that this uni does not shift on the fly, but how do you change the gearing on it, and how long does it usually take you to change the gear ratio?

Just imagine this in Sam’s (Redwelly’s) hands.

Or, more accurately, his crotch.

It’s funny, weird and would be awesome to ride.

It’s funny and weird because it almost looks like NKahler avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just noticed this thread bumped from last year.

The gear ratio is changed by loosening the chain tension, pulling out the jackshaft, changing the cogs, and also pulling the right crank and changing the crank cog accordingly. The two sides of the driveline are symmetrical. Same as on Purple Phaze. The process takes about 10-15 minutes, not really field-serviceable.

No, not really field serviceable. But in a short period of time it can be set up for whatever ride you want. A wide range of gear ratios are available. This makes it extremely versatile. You’re not just stuck with 1:1 or 1:1.5. How many gear ratios have you tried in your jackshaft design? How many do you know to be possible?

I’ve ridden it in 1.22 (22x20), 1.44 (24x20), and 1.69 (26x20) ratios. You can also do 1.00 (20x20), 1.96 (28x20), or even an 0.82 underdrive (20x22).

The Menace has gotten even redder lately with a red painted rim, and new brake cable guides in the form of red skulls (made by Dirty Dog products):


Does it feel about the same as a regular coker in 1:1 mode, or do you notice a few differences? If so, what are they?

Love the red skulls.

The lowest gear I’ve ridden in is 1.22 with 175mm cranks. A good climber would have little problem with hills in that combo. My climbing is still limited whether I’m on a guni or direct drive.

My best guess is that it would still have some perceptible driveline friction as compared to a direct hub, but in general riding around you don’t really notice it. What you do notice is the lightweight wheel.

It’s available for local test rides anytime.

Well that leaves me out of it. :frowning:

Too bad Hazmat. Seattle is still the guni capital of the world! (i.e. highest guni/rider ratio) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll keep that in mind! Hopefully I can make it out to the Seattle area around/after Thanksgiving weekend to visit my Brother.

I would have thought Vilters in Switzerland had more Gunis than anywhere else in the world :smiley: