Red bull Report

Finally got round to it. It only covers things from my viewpoint as i can remember at this current moment. There were 3 other 4 man teams also riding, and you’ll have to pester them for their story:

Friday at last and it’s time to relax for the weekend. Sorry, did i say “relax”?. You must be kidding. after months of waiting it’s finally that time of year again, time for my birthday and time for 24 hours of knackering exertion in the name of fun.

Fighting through the heavy traffic on the way there it strikes me as it does every year, “where the hell round here are they going to hold the race?”. My fears are quelled a few miles later however as i cruise into the controlled mayhem that has taken over sandwell park.
The atmosphere is electric - riders zooming by, friends shouting hello and the constant humm of thousands of cyclists all help to unsettle my nerves. Only one thing to do, it’s recce time.

Blimey! It seems much shorteer this year, and much bumpier. Chipps assures me it’s the same length which helps boost the confidence, he also apologised about the bumps, which was nice.
There are times when the disadvantages to being a unicyclist outweigh the plus points - a field of hard, close-packed ruts has to rank up there in the top three. Oh for suspention!

Nevermind, I digress.

A few beers and a few hours sleep later and it’s dawn already. Just time to register, get changed and do a bit of fettleing before the off. Roger is away first, I’m so glad I’m not in the first hill scrum this year.

Just over an hour later and it’s my turn, I get a cracking lap in with only a few offs, it’s dusty though. Time for sleep.

Or that’s the plan at least, didn’t happen. By the time i’m showered, massaged, fed and watered my long break is all but over. Time to fish out the lights and go again, Horay!

I love night riding and all is going really well, I know I’m setting a faster pace than i ever have before. Then it happens, 5 (ish) riders overtake and BAM!.
The lead rider goes down and there’s an explosion of bikes and riders like he’d ridden over a landmine. Down I go, narrowly missing impaling my eye on a pedal, grazing my cheekbone, and stabbing my chest with my unicycle. Ouch.

I finish up the lap and my ribs are killing me, thanks to our team tactics i have only got a one rider break till the next one. One hour later then and my ribs are fine and I set-out strong.
The first half leaves my knees aching, if only we got to coast, but it’s a few miles later that it finally goes wrong.

Out on the course there’s a low bridge with broken half-bricks in the trail. I rode under it fine but just as I’m stepping on the gas again I clip one of the bricks that’ve been dragged out and fall heavily on my knees.
That’s it, I’m done. I can barely walk. My knees are bad anyway and I’m forced to hobble all but the flattest sections and the slightest downhills. I’m even defeated by most of the campsite downhill.

We change over and I’m faced with the worst thing ever, I have to tell my team I’m going to let them down. It’s crushing, but luckily we’re all in it for the fun and nobody seems too upset, I’m due for sleep now and it’s decided to see how I feel (later) in the morning.

I wake to the now familliar sound of teams ticking over and it takes me nearly 10 minutes to get out of the van, I can still barely walk. My race is over for another year.
The others in the team are also looking finished and most of us call it a day after 4 laps, all suffering from the choking dust, the heat and the relentless 10 mile laps with no rest. There’s no gliding on a unicycle, it’s pedal or walk.

Roger’s excellent fitness now shines through, dispite a cold he’s out for another lap, his 5th.

The bell goes, the race is done and so are we. Shattered we pack our bags and go our seporate ways.

Another year gone and already the bad moments are fading from my memory leaving only the good and an itching desire to do it all again.

My thanks to all the other compettitors for their support, my team for theirs and to all the other unicyclists for their company - I hope you enjoyed it all as much as I did.

Finally a special thanks to the huge organisational team - keep up the good work, roll on next year.

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Thanks for the colourful report; twas a pleasure to read. Too bad that
things didn’t run as well as one hoped for, with the falls and stuff.
Hope the pain is gone by now.

Oh and congrats on your birthday. There can hardly be a better way to
celebrate a birthday than in a Red Bull!

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ouch. The red bull course is really bad for hard falls cos you’re always going so fast and the ground is really dry.

Are you unbroken now?


Hey joe.

I have had glasto to recover and my knees are just recovered. I’ve taken a few weeks off and should be fully fit my the weekend after next.

Yopu up for a downs ride?

I recently secured a job with Red Bull Australia. Its a marketing position and involves me selling the broth to people in my area…well, organising deals with shops who sell it, running marketing campaigns and doing the promotional thing…setting up the red bull tent wherever its warrented and giving away free stuff…

Its the main reason I havent been on, too damn busy…the new job coupled with university exams (urgh) has slowed me down…

whats the general consensus on red bull? Positive/negative? healthy unhealthy???

I know as im now marketing it im supposed to say its great, but i have heard many bad things and often refrain from drinking it myself…

Probably a really dumb question, :o but what exactly is Red Bull?

… for a while I didn’t give it much thought as I figured it was a beer but now that you talk about the marketing and stuff, I am begining to wonder… :thinking:


I’m not sure what the riding situation is they’re talking about, but Red Bull the product is a rather vile tasting canned energy drink whose active ingredients consists of equal parts Benzedrine, Caffeine, Sugar, and Adrenalin, with a shot of Robitussin added to improve the flavor. For full effect, chug one down first thing in the morning with no food in your stomach.

On the TomRobbinsO-Meter, I rate it a Yuck.

It doesnt have benzedrine or adreneline in it. In fact, it has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee(or two cans of coke), less sugar that a lot of soft drinks and the active ingredients are the sugar, caffeine and taurine.
I’m only refering to australia, some of the levels change country to country to suit regulations, but the standard mix is the same.

The red bull this topic is about it an endurance ride. Red Bull is targeted at the young(or reasonably so) and hence they focus a lot on endurance events, extreme sports, and simply crazy events.

as for its taste … at first I wasnt a fan, but after a few cans now its not too bad.
They are best to take half an hour before you start the activity you are doing.
For me, who cannot drink alcohol due to medical reasons, they are a great way to keep going when I’m out, offering a good alternative to alcohol.
They are also a safe, and legal alternative to speed and other upper drugs designed to keep you awake all night.

Wow, that is some mix! thanks for clarifying the contents of the Red Bull drink. Hummm, me thinks I’ll stay away from it though as having a caffine allergy and Red Bull would definitely not mix… I’ll stick to Gatorade…


From the way you talk about it, I’d think you work for them or something…

Red Bull has different affects on different people. It made me very very very hyperactive! and also disturbes my sleep patterns for over a week after I have had one! :frowning:

The race this year was really interesting because I was so ill to begin with. I was weak and not really riding as well as I could, my balance was off and I had a couple of falls that I should not have had, including one in the dark at the same point that Joe had his (the one on the bridge) So I came home with blood on my legs from that.

Don’t forget that you can check out pictures from this years race at:

It is was so good to have so many riders out and so much respect from the bike riders.


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rogeratunicycledotcom wrote:
> Red Bull has different affects on different people. It made me very
> very very hyperactive!

A former colleague of mine once drank six cans in one day at the office.
It made him very very hyperactive. He was bouncing off the walls.

I love the stuff, but very seldom drink it. I prefer to save caffeine
for when I really need it, so that it then has more effect (I got into
that habit when I was 16, after realising just how hard I found it to
start the schoolday without my cup of coffee).

I keep a can of Red Bull in my drawer at work, and another can in my
juggling bag. But I really can’t see the point of the diet Red Bull
that you can get now.

Danny Colyer (remove safety to reply) ( )
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Yes, you are correct. There is no adreneline or benzedrine in the mixture. I was trying to inject some humor there–drawing a pharmaceutical comparison to the legitimate kick that Red Bull packs–but really all I was doing was LYING. Erin needs to know that about me. Harper already does.


So the Red Bull drink doesn’t actually have alcohol in it? I was under a strong impression it was some kind of booze. I dont know why, just, the commercials made it seem that way.

After all its just an energy drink, I would have never guessed that.

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Unimoron <> wrote:
> So the Red Bull drink doesn’t actually have alcohol in it? I was under a

No, no alchohol. In pubs in the UK it’s often drunk with vodka or
tequilla and vodka (“TVR”).


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and a prolonged evening of double vodka/tequila and red bull leads to a whole new level of understanding of the term YIN YANG
:slight_smile: :angry:

i generally prefer the guarana based drinks to the caffeined variety
if the gods had intended for man to buzz on caffeine, they would’ve invented machiato…
oh wait…:smiley:

i normally reserve my one energy drink binge for the week for thursday nights when i’ll have it on my way to the juggling club

Re: Re: Re: Red bull Report

Doesn’t Guarana have naturally- ocurring caffeine in it? Just curious. I lived in Brazil, where guarana soft drinks were the equivalent to root beer here. As a matter of fact, they thought that root beer tasted like cough medicine, yet would eat Halls cough drops like candy…
But they did get the Guarana soft drinks right.

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Joe, thanks for the great report. It’s too bad it didn’t work out perfectly
for you, but still it’s a great accomplishment and a lot of riding. If
things work out as planned next year there should be at least a couple of us
from California joining you guys!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Red bull Report

so i’m a caffeine snob and prefers the natural version to the aluminium-byproduct version
sue me


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On Sun, 6 Jul 2003 20:10:51 +0100, “Danny Colyer”
<> wrote:

>I prefer to save caffeine
>for when I really need it, so that it then has more effect

Ah! Finally a brother! I have done the same thing since I realised
about 12 years ago that I was a caffeine addict. Now I have a handy
turbo mode standing by for emergencies.

Interesting thread! I was on holiday or I would have chipped in

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