Red 186mm spokes (50)

I have a spare set of 50, new, 186mm red Prolite spokes with 50 brass nipples.

£10 posted if they are of any use to anyone.

is that the size for a true 20" wheel?
if so, im interested!

That’ll depend on your choice of rim, hub and spoke pattern. What rim hub and spoke pattern you planning?

i was thinking
a nimbus ISIS hub, whith a halo SAS bmx rim

The spoke length calculator on UDC says you’ll need 182mm for a 3 cross wheel, and 192mm for a 4 cross wheel. So it looks like these won’t be any use on that rim & hub combo.

4mm should fit fine. At worst you’ll have to build a short 4 cross.

I’d forgotten about this thread.

Spokes sold on E-bay.

I’m curious…from what source did you get those spokes?

I got the spokes on Cyclesportuk.