Record of world

Ok i didn’t go to school today, well i did but when i got there i decided i no longer wanted to be there so i walked home, the whole 20 odd Km and when i got home that guiness world records show was on. I sort of sat down and watched out of the corner of my I and was just about to put on a DVD when i noticed a unicycle rider. I gave it my undivided attention and watched Alex Toms make a world record for a 2.5 metre drop. Just a note to congratulate him.

(They also showed one of him doing the longest grind at 2.(lots) metres)

Well done man


i saw a video of this like 6 months ago


im about 90% sure that happened last year.

Tasmania is six months behind the mainland, i always suspected that.
Damn the only TV i watch in a fortnight and it is a repeat

thats tasmania for you…

anyone got a video of this, I aint seen it


2.5 meters, isnt that about 8 or 9 feet? That defenitly isnt the world record. Ive heard of 15.

Officially, under official conditions it is the biggest drop. It was onto flat concrete. I’m sure others have gone bigger. Guinness watched the drop, so its official in their books.


Kris Holm dropped 16 feet into sand at unicon

I’ve dropped like 6 feet into sand :slight_smile:

any video of Kris doing that?

i’ve dropped almost 14 feet into extremely sloped sand
it was crazy, i don’t have a video, don’t believe me if you don’t want to, but don’t spam this thread up

the biggest drop is ?exactly? 12 feet onto flat concrete at the guiness studios or w/e they call it. im sure many many people have done drops that high or higher

Which UNICON did he do that?


longer grinds had been done aswell, even when it was filmed. But these grinds and drops wheren’t observed by guinness.

8.2 ft.

Like the 16 stair rail grind Mike did in “Defect”.

Much as it’s funny to write off Tasmania, you’re not really that far behind. They’re just playing repeats of it for school holidays kids. My sisters boyfriend even went to the trouble of ringing me to tell me it was on even though i’ve seen it. Guiness is wrong on so much stuff just because you have to actually get them to come to whatever you want to do. They also get to pretty much choose and define exact criteria to suit them. I think you have to have like 2 forms of media proof or something stupid aswell. Mainly why the show works. Also on that show was the chick with the stupid hair doing the hula hoops. I could probably go into my backyard right now with 101 hoops and get them to stay up for 3 bloody revolutions of my hips. Not even 3 revolutions of the hoops…make it 4 and she’d be screwed, along with the show…but Guiness ain’t here to see it. Oh and the Australian version is crap anyway…it’s mostly made up of clips from the American show they used to play here like 5 or 6 years ago. [/pointless rant]


I love it. ‘Onetrack’ who you quoted, is Mike Clark.