I’m brand new to unicycling (in fact I haven’t even bought a unicycle yet) and I’ve seen the videos of people doing tricks in urban areas and riding through forests and it looks like a lot of fun. I think I’ll catch on pretty quick because I have pretty good balance, I do a lot of slacklining. I realize there is more to it than balance, but it’s definitely a good start. Anyway, I’m wanting something that will take a lot of abuse. I’m planning on doing street stuff (jumps and tricks) and a little riding through my forest. I didn’t know what brand/model you guys would recommend. I have around a 32in inseam. I was thinking of either a 20in or a 24in wheel. I don’t want it to be too big for tricks, but I still want a decent ride on rough terrain.

Thanks for your setups

how much money is to be spent?

definitely under $200. It would be nice if it could be under $150, but I know that good ones aren’t cheap. I’d rather pay more at first and have it last than get a cheap one and have to replace parts.

I’d go with a torker 20" then. It’s super strong so it’ll hold up to anything, and it’s just about the cheapest “nice” unicycle out there at around $250 (you could probably find cheaper online if $ is a problem). A torker was my first unicycle, and they hold up to just about anything.

And your mindset of getting a nice one first is a good way to think. So many people get crappers just to learn off of, but then are dismayed when they fall apart. It’s much easier to learn on a quality unicycle, and you won’t have to upgrade for a long time after you learn

Sorry for being less specific, I’d go with a 20" Torker DX, not a cx because those aren’t nearly as sturdy as the DX’s

what would you guys say between a Nimbus with upgraded cranks or a Torker. I’m thinking 137mm cranks on the Nimbus.