Recommendations for 29" tire for road/pavement/street

If I’m doing a muni ride which I know will test my technical ability I wear a pair of snowboard under shorts I got on Amazon. They have padding on the hips and tail bone. I once fell off the back of my mtb looping out on a wheelie and bruised my tail bone so it’s reassuring to have that little bit of foam at the bottom of my spine! Fox do an mtb version of the same thing.

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I know people who wear these, and like them. (You wear them under your regular riding pants.)

Thanks for posting that. They look interesting but only 8mm padding. I still hurt enough after my fall with 25 mm. Also they don’t appear to go far down the thigh. Mine went further than that and were still not enough.

Certainly has given me some great ideas for my next home made protection.

Motorcycle racers have inflatable air bags built into their leathers. Would be nice but I imagine that doesn’t come cheap. They sweat pretty heavily in their gear because, even though they are not pedaling, it is incredibly physical to jump all over the bike hundreds of times in a race like they do.

Otherwise, you have the G-Form version:

I don’t know how thick it is but it will absorb most of the impact for sure !

Special thanks to UniDreamerFR for unearthing this thread on the French forum.
It’s true that I had never heard about this tire before, and it seems pretty great for urban/road riding. Strange that no one except OneTrackMind mentioned it, no one out there rides with this tire?

OTM, are you still happy with it? It’s still in your signature, so I assume you’re still using it.

There seem to be too version available for sale. One is a 60tpi and the other a 120tpi. The 120 tpi is called Silk-something and apparently, it has an extra anti-puncture layer and is made of tri-density rubber as opposed to regular rubber - which would explain why it’s 10€ more expensive.

Which one would be the best for a uni? I’m not familiar with how tpi influences a tire, especially one that is rated 50psi.

Same with the Maxxis Drop The Hammer (DTH) that I use on the 24 and 26 inch unis. Nobody else seems to have mentioned them on unis. The 24 x 1.75 version makes for a fantastically responsive uni.

I have done around 1000 km on the Torch and I am still very happy with it. I did eventually manage to make it slide out when taking on a small step at the toe of kerb ramp at a ridiculously acute angle but it is a remarkably stable and tolerant tyre.

I am pretty sure mine is 60 tpi version. I am running it at 55 psi and I thought it was rated at 65 psi. The pressure needs to be high to stop it buckling under heavy loads when climbing steep hills because the sidewall is so flexible.

The 120 tpi Silkworm technology is used on the DTH and I would probably pay the extra to try it if I could get it in a 29 inch Torch in Australia. I have had one puncture in the Torch. Whatever it was it was quite large and made a hole then came back out.

I think the higher tpi would be more flexible which I believe is important in minimising the camber thrust. The DTH 24 with 120 tpi is quite remarkable with very little effect from camber but then it is a smaller diameter narrow tyre so I don’t know how much the difference the finer fabric really makes.

I don’t think either the torch or the DTH would do anything like the mileage of the more robust tyres most riders use but the performance is great.

Have you got some pics of you 29er with this tire?

It’s very strange that you are the only unicyclist in this forum using it and talking about it, a Maxxis light 29er tire that seams almost as promising as a suprem marathon but not being a Schwalbe road tire (so, in theory less prone to tire explosion at high PSI on one of the 3 usual unicycle rims :kh freeride, kh xc, Nimbus Dominator2)

By the way, few days ago I tried to put my Schwalbe super moto on my G29 that has the 47mm freeride rim, inflated it (nervously) at 44 PSI, and 30 min later it exploded in an enormous “BANG” letting me with tinnitus for days.
This never happened on my 42mm Nimbus Dominator2 rim.

So I’m a bit paranoid now putting anything else than my Knard (30-35 PSI max recommended) at high PSI on this 47mm rim, but I’d be really interested to test this Torch, I’m just not sure enough that it would fit the Freeride rim without any explosion risk, let appart the fact that kh rim strip doesn’t seam very adapted to high PSI (like 65PSI), especially with the enormous holes that are behind it, you see what I mean? it’s nearly like you can see the tube through the rim… :astonished:

Has anyone ever put a Maxxis 2.0-2.2 tire on a 29" 47mm kh freeride RIM, inflated at 65 PSI without any issue?

Well, this thread is getting nice and relevant for me! I’ve been spinning my new shiny G29er build with a Nimbus Dominator2 rim, and am considering what to get rubber-wise. I’m at the moment running my Halo Twin Rail from my old 29er, and while it’s fine, it’s incredibly worn already and is quite heavy (not helped by the fact that I had to put an extra kevlar liner in it because it started puncturing a bit too much!)

So what’s the consensus on this these days? That Maxxis tyre looks great, but I’m a little scared of the BA 2.0 exploding on my Dominator rim (I run ridiculously high pressures, dunno why I just like the feel).

I sort of like the idea of the Hookworm 29er, although 2.5 wide seems ridiculous to me it might make for an interesting ride at speed :smiley:

I had overlooked your post until this thread resurfaced today.

It is definitely odd that nobody else seems to have tried the Torch. Or the DTH on the smaller wheels. Or for that matter a Hookworm on a 20 inch, which is the only size where they do work well for me.

My rim is 38 mm. No drillings. I have never run the Torch above 55 psi. Much less than this and the sidewalls buckle a bit on steep climbs under my 80 kg weight. But it doesn’t need the extreme pressure to counter the camber issues experienced with the likes of the Hookworm.

I doubt that the Torch would be safe on a 47 mm rim because of the combination of two factors. Firstly because it would be below the usually recommended 1.4: 1 minimum tyre to rim ratio. Secondly the tyre has a very minimalist carcass so it relies heavily on the rim to maintain its integrity. Mine is a wire bead. I suspect the foldable bead would be even more marginal.

BTW I have had severe tinnitus for over ten years from singing in a band while I had some kind of middle ear problem. Definitely recommend avoiding it.

Oh, nice thread I could hijack. I was looking for some roadish 29+ tire. Have you seen anything about 29x3.0 size that is more road oriented? I have Schwalbe Super Moto 27.5x2.8 on my 27.5 uni currently and it’s nice to have wide and big road tire as well. I see some 29+ offroad options for me, but I would need a road option before I go and try 29".

I’m not sure about a 29x3, Surly do a 29x2.5 Extraterrestrial that’s sort of a touring bike type tread (and there’s also the Hookworm mentioned earlier that’s a 29x2.5).

I’m fairly sure Vee Rubber do a 29x3 Speedster which is more of a BMX inverted tread type thing, so that’d probably work. No idea where you’d actually get ome from though :smiley:

There’s a similar thread in the “product review” section of the forum, check it out.

I ran the Hookworm 29 for a short while. It’s way too heavy to be pleasant, and I found it awful on road camber. I’m currently on a Scwhalbe Big One and I like it a lot.

Thanks for the info. I was looking at Hookworm, but I was afraid of the weight. Big One seems to small to switch from my current 27.5x2.8.
But Speedster looks nice and a place to buy it Vee Tire Co. Speedster 27.5 x 2.8” or 29 x 2.8” Tire now I need to look if it is available on this side of the pond.

KH29 with 55mm rim

I am also looking for a road tyre for my KH29, but it is a later model running the 55mm rim and a Duro Crux 3.25" tyre. Finding a suitable road tyre is near impossible.

The Hookworm at 2.5" wide is the widest road tyre I’ve found. But how well would a 2.5" tyre fit a 55mm rim ?

Suggestions and ideas would be very much appreciated!

It’s not the only one! But it’s a rare width. Surly offers the ExtraTerrestrial in 29"/2.5 and it’s an interesting all-rounder. With the rather stiff sides, it can be used off road with little air inside. And pumped hard, it’s happy on the road. It’s aimed at road tourers actually.
I have one on my 29" and I really like it. It’s way lighter than the Hookworm I had for a while. But I’m running it from a 30mm narrow rim, so I don’t quite know how it would behave in a 55. If you find it on their website, there’s plenty info on what rim etc.

If you want a wider road style tire how about Vee Tire Co.’s “Plus Size Speedster”. They have them as both 2.8” and 3.0” for 29ers.

FWIW, I have never actually tried Vee Speedsters but I looked at and considered them when I was looking for bigger tyres for my 26" (they also make 26X2.8, which is actually the same diameter as the Duro Beach Bum that I purchased).

I use a 26 Vee tire speedster for my Huni-rex and it is a must have road tire.

On my KH 29 I use a “BTW ranger TCS light fast rolling” 29x3 at no more than 900g… it is a great XC and I use it mainly on road (I’m no good at Muni, but I’ll learn)

Thanks for the post and the tyre suggestion, I checked their website:

It states will fit rims of 19-50mm external width. So close!

55mm on the KH29 is really wide, and all the MTB sites talk about putting wide tyres on narrow rims, not wide rims on smaller tyres :frowning:

Perhaps the KH factory has some insights.

Thanks for the post and the tyre suggestion, I checked their website:

It states will fit rims of 19-50mm external width. So close!

55mm on the KH29 is really wide, and all the MTB sites talk about putting wide tyres on narrow rims, not wide rims on smaller tyres :frowning:

Perhaps the KH factory has some insights.

Thanks for the tyre suggestion, can’t find these locally so would have to import, but it does looks the best option for road use. I know what you mean about muni, one day I’ll do more but for now it’s mostly pavement.