recommend Zoic Downieville shorts?


Does anyone recommend these shorts?

I rode Santa Barbara once in 90 degree heat and my shorts were soaking wet from coming down a mountain. So much for cotton.

I am thinking about Cal MUni weekend, this October.

The price seems like a good deal. Are they worth it?

Does it have a drawstring within the elastic waistband?


Yes. I have been meaning to post a review of them, but haven’t got around to it. They have an inner liner that is even better then bicycle shorts at keeping your equipment out of trouble. I have not yet found a pocket on them, even though the ad says there is one and that is my one complaint about them. Both Performance and Bike Nashbar sell them.
Zoic also has a camo version that is made of lighter material and may be better for hot weather, although it is not as tough.
There is no draw string, it has a zipper.