recommend a tire for my Nimbus 29

The Duro 29x2.35 tire blew out on my Nimbus 29 which I have had about 1 year. I ride about 20 miles on city streets and sidewalks each week. does not have the tire that came on my unicycle. So I either need to source one elsewhere or pick a different tire. I weigh 200 lbs and ride at slow to medium speed with no bigger drops than the curb. Any recommendations?



P.S. I live in California

You may find this thread helpful:

If you are riding exclusively on the street, the Marathon Supreme is a good choice.


I just started using this 29x2 on my KH29(schlumpf)

Its good for the road but can still manage some muni :slight_smile:

I like the Schwalbe Big Apple

Do you think the 28 x 2.35 Big Apple would be good?

I can get for $40 shipping included from Amazon:

I much prefer the 29x2.0" version of the Big Apple to the 2.35" version; the 2.0" performs much better on cambered roads. Other than that, the 2.35" is a fine tire.