Reco wanted: 20" MUni Tire for Pashley

My 9-year-old has been riding MUni on the 20" Pashley (see link). It’s been a great ride for him, but the “factory” tire is a bit on the lean side…really more on-road than off-road.

Does anybody have a good recommend for a fatter tire that will A) definitely fit this frame, and B) ideally fit the factory rim?

We’re starting to ride more root- and log-strewn trails, so I want to get him something with more bounce and absorbtion capabilities.


I’ve got a PRIMO BMX “Dirt Monster” tire at 20x2.2 on my 20 (free from garage sale)

It has a softer sidewall that might work for your son.

The Maxxis MaxxDaddy has a nice looking knobby tread and comes in 20 x (1.75, 1.85, 2.00, 2.25) and perhaps more.

The Tioga Factory MX comes in 20 x (1.75, 2.1) and perhaps more.

I’ve got the Maxxis Max Daddy 20" x 2.25" on my long jump/freestyle/some trials uni and it’s working really well. I took it out on Mt. Cootha for a 20" muni ride on sunday and it was great. No negative comments.


I do not know if it will fit the Pashley, but I can only recommend the Maxx Holy Roller 20x2.2 as a “do-it-all” tire:

Have fun,