Re: Wet grinding uni parts [was Re: Active Ankles with KH trials]

U-Turn <> wrote:

>When I lived in Upstate New York I met a guy who had restored an old wet
>grinding wheel and used it to sharpen knives and the like. The large
>disk-shaped stone (say, 2.5’ diameter) dipped in water somehow as it
>turned (I forget exactly how) and was rotated at a low speed to help
>keep the heat buildup to a minimum.

Wet grinding wheels are often used for sharpening knifes, since one
definitely doesn’t want to heat up a knife and thus change its hardness.

Wet grinding wheels are also great for grinding unicycle parts which one
doesn’t usually want to change the hardness of.

An alternate to a grinding wheel designed for wet grinding is using a
regular grinding wheel and dipping the part to be ground in a water
bucket every second or two. The longer one waits between successive
grinds, the less the part will heat up and leave hardness alone.


Ken Fuchs <>