Re: Uni's and Bi's

John Foss wrote:
> No matter what I’m wearing, what kind of one wheeler I’m riding, and what kind
> of attitude I seem to be projecting, I still get asked if I’m in the circus.
> How about being sweaty, with muddy shoes and legs, kneepads, a Camelbak, a
> helmet and a unicycle covered with mud. AND, you’re on a dirt trail, miles
> from the nearest road? You still get asked if you’re in the circus… You
> can’t win.

Oh yes, you can. Just get a good answer ready in advance. My normal saying when
being asked this question is something like “no, in Berlin!” resp. “no, in the
woods!” or where ever I am. Most times this works great.

Just the same situation the other way round. Quite a common question is “Ist das
schwer?” which means “Is this difficult?”. Of course you know this one too. The
German translation of “difficult” and “heavy” is the same word, “schwer”. So I
normally answer “no, only 4kg!”.

Denouement: your answer should be even more foolish than the question was.


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