RE: Uniing in Sand Dunes

> The site we stayed at had some sand dunes separating it from the beach
> and they proved to be an excellent playground for us on our uni’s. Has
> anyone else been uni’ing in sand dunes?

Being the guy who’s Web site says riding down sand dunes is a ‘Thing not to
do’ (, I thought I should comment.

Back when we did it, there was no such thing as MUni per se. The unicycle
had a 20" x 1.75 tire, and the sand was really fine. So it ate up the wheel
and pedal bearings. A better-equipped MUni of today would probably ride
higher in the sand, and be less susceptible to the damage we got.

What my site doesn’t mention was that it really was fun, and since we knew
the damage was already done, we did it several more times.

As to your learning to roll in a crash, you demonstrated to yourself that
you do actually have time to think in a crash. If the instructions are
already there for a roll, your body has enough time to do one. Good

Stay on top,
John Foss
the Uni-Cycone

“Next time, I don’t want to camp the old fashioned way. I want the new and
improved way… WITH NO BEARS!!!” – 10 year old nephew Austin Miller, on
our recent camping experience (in a flimsy tent, with a bear trashing the
campsite outside)

Re: Uniing in Sand Dunes

unicus <> wrote:

> As a side note does anyone know a unicyclist in Plymouth UK? On the way
> home (Sat 24th Aug) we stopped to watch a film at the Warner Cinema
> there and when we were leaving the car park a guy was pushing a
> unicycle, looked like it had a knobbly tyre, whilst walking with a
> woman. Had we seen him a few minutes earlier I’d have spoke to him and
> as I don’t tend to see unicylists by chance I now wished I’d stopped to
> say hi.

There’s a whole bunch of unicyclists in Plymouth. Eurocycle
was held there last year and the school there has a number
of pupils (and ex pupils) who ride.


Paul Selwood

Re: Uniing in Sand Dunes

He He - for sand you want a Camel Uni (one of my 4 inch unis I’m currently building :slight_smile: _ I can’t wait to try it out