Re: Unicycles and the law in Germany

*>Hello everybody! *> *>So I wonder if you could give me some advise *>for the
same topic under German law. There are some more specific *>questions I am
interested in: *> *>1. Can I legally ride on the road? *>2. Can I legally ride
on the sidewalk?

I think these two questioned can be answered if somebody knows how an
unicycle is classified in Germany. The best source might be the German Street
By Law (StVO).

I’m not really sure about it, when I’m using the S-Bahn (local trains) or buses
I pretend that a unicycle is complettly different from an bicycle. For this
reason I haven’t to pay for the transportation. During the second German Open
Unicycle Championships last year I had to learn that so local Bus Company
classified Uni equal to bikes. If the German Law considers about this matter in
any way, they probabbly will set unicycle equal to rollerblades etc. By the way
it is less dangerous to ride on the sidewalk, than on german roads.

*>3. Am I made to have lighting like bikes? I think yes and if you want to fit
the StVO (German Street By Law) you also need a second break. With the ligthing
you must ensure that the weigth of your uni is less than 7 or 10 kg, that’s the
limit for bikes to be a sport- racing bike. Only this are allow to use
battery-powered ligthing, all others must have dynamos.

*>4. In Germany there is a traffic sign called “Stopschild” (with a car *> you
have to stop in front of such a sign, by bike you have to stop *> and put at
least one foot to the floor). Is it ok, when I idle or *> bounce at such a sign
for some seconds or is a dismount compulsory? No way, you have to dismount.

Interesting question, did you ever had any problems with the police ?

Bye Mario, who is getting some unicyling experiences on irish roads during
his abroad studies.

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