Re: Unicycle Sumo (Gladiators, Demolition Derby, UniDerby, Dogfightin g)

Good grief! Yet another long raft of legislation for fun.
Gladiators is easily understood, even by an imbecile like
me, in about 5 seconds. Here are the rules:

  1. Ride around trying to forcibly unmount your opponents.
  2. Dismounting for any reason means you are out.
  3. The last person not out wins.

The only important consideration is safety. Since we are not
insanely litigious over here, people tacitly accept that they have
volunteered to play a potentially dangerous game. Little kids
invariably get light treatment and often win because of this <grrr>.

Sumo is not much harder: it’s one-on-one gladiators played
in a small (usually circular) area.

One wonders whether US schoolyard games are preceded by
long sessions of pre-emptive litigation to establish all the whys,
wherefores and whatnots. :wink:

Arnold the Aardvark

I just had a picture in my head of school kids signing legal papers before a game of British bulldog in the playground. Thanks Arnold the Aardvark.


Ah, bulldogs… I still bear the scars today. Whose idea was it for one end to be against a wall? The number of times people were tackled in such a way as to then slam into said wall was quite scary…

Phil, just me

We used to play it at Scouts. We didn’t have a wall to stop people, but the rule seemed to be that you were only “caught” if you were held off the ground. If you had enough people then this could be at head height, being dropped from this height was not unusual. The game was banned after somebody had their leg broken.

Have fun!


Whatever our rules were they seemed to be interpreted as “stop them getting across by… taking them Down”.

Often with painful results…

Phil, just me


I wonder what it would be like to play dodge ball on unicycles?