Re: uni shop in Berlin ?

Jon wrote:
> I´m visiting my sister in Berlin, and I´d like to know if there is some
> place to buy a unicycle there. Here in Madrid, I´ve only found some
> taiwanese models. Do you know any place to buy one, specially Miyata or
> another good brand?

There are several places to buy a uni, but not a single one I’d recommend for
high quality unis. At first there’s a juggling shop called Jonglerie near the
underground station Suedstern. They sell these cheap Taiwanese unicycles
(actually they are not so cheap there) and Semcycle. But it’s a very expensive
shop. Then there are several bike shops that sell the Taiwanese ones. If you are
looking for one of these I’d recommend a shop named Velo Studio in Stromstrasse
(underground station Birkenstrasse). They sell them for 130 Deutschmarks and
they are quite good quality compared to other low-budget-unis. There’s not a
single vendor that sells Miyata in Berlin. But that’s not such surpising as (to
my knowledge) the only vendor in Germany that sells Miyata is Siegmono in Kiel.

Regards, Wolfgang

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