Re: Semcycle giraffe clicking

Alex wrote:
> I used to ride my friend’s sem giraffe, and it clicks when you idle. I
> thought, “huh, he got a lemon.” WELL, I’ve had my own new sem giraffe for
> a couple weeks now, and lo and behold: the click! It actually started a
> day after I got it.
> It sounds like the clicking is coming from in the gears somewhere, but I
> can’t pinpoint it, because I’m not much of a mechanic while idling 6 feet
> up! Does anyone else own a Semcycle giraffe?? Did you get “the click”? And
> do you know what it is???!!! Help!

I don’t have a Semcycle giraffe, but I have two others (one is Pichler, the
other one DM) and I have ridden lots of different ones, including Semcycles.
I’ve noticed the clicking problem several times and I’ve found two main reasons
for it. Either there may be some dirt in the chain and every time the dirt is
moved over the gear wheel it clicks. Solution: clean your chain. Another and
more serious reason could be that the lower gear wheel isn’t parallel to the
upper one. In this case the chain is contorted on its way from the bottom racket
to the axle of the wheel. To fix this problem you have to adjust the wheel
correctly. There are two adjustment screws, one at each side to align the wheel.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Wolfgang

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