Re: Pashley

on 11 June 1996 Stan wrote:

> Cutme ( wrote:
> : > I have the address for the US distributer of Pashley unicycles.
> : Ouuu, you don’t want to buy one of them!!
> I dunno, they’re not that bad any more. The bearings are held on by two bolts
> now instead of manky little screws, the cranks are cotterless, and the saddle
> has been improved (although not by very much!)

I concure that Pashley have been getting there act together and that their
unicycles are conciderabley improved from the days of cotterpins and banana
seats. Last week I also got sight of the latest creation from Pashley, light and
strong (bomb proof hubs included!). From what I understand they have a new
engineer who is slowly changing what is a good learner unicycle in to an
excellent performance machine.

> That reminds me… does anyone know of a NICE saddle, which fits the Pashley’s
> wider seat-post hole?
pick any 19mm seat stem and use handle bar shims from any mountain bike shop.

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