Re: Indoor/Outdoor Free Style

Hi there,

We’ve read the comments on the page.
Semcycle ships worldwide directy to customers.

UK based customers can buy straight from The Netherlands:

We’ve got the Freestyle XL in stock with red, white, blue, and black Primo
“the Wall” in both 1.85 and 2.10.

Sincerely yours

Mr Apo Abrahams.
semcycle division Holland.

That is great. Thank you very much.

I think i will be ordering a XL frame soon! :slight_smile:


Sorry about this, It is too late to edit my last post… I wanted to add:

Which frame do I actually want? I love Jag’s! But I cant find the ‘Long Neck’ frames on Sems site. Is THIS the frame I want?
Please help me…



This is the frame you want

Here is a picture of the complete uni




Now all I need to do is break my old one! Then mum will think I REALLY need it! :stuck_out_tongue:


That should be simple. Simply try to trick your mum into driving over your uni while it’s laying somewhere .


A good idea… But I only want to break the frame! :frowning:

Maybe I could tell her I’m too good for it, and due to the advanced skills I am practicing, the frame cannot cope with the forces involved. The only frame that will cope would be the SemXL Freestyle!
(Then Blab on about how much she wouldn’t want me hurting myself because the frame snapped, and other emotional blackmail like that!) :stuck_out_tongue: