Re. Hopping on wheel

This is a follow up to Dennis Kathrens post on hopping on the wheel.

I have been working on this, too. I’m only as far as Dennis but here is my
(limited) advice.

I started by stepping up on the wheel kind of like Dennis described, but then
decided that that is not the way I would have to get there from the wheel.

My “divide & conquer” scheme is:

  1. hop seat out front (I have my right foot back.)
  2. jump to wheel (hold uni in front, jump and twist uni 90 degrees before
    landing on wheel. I hold the back of the seat with my right hand because of
    #1 (right back)) and turn uni CCW.
  3. hopping on wheel (Karl Frankowski suggests to be able to hop 25x)
  4. hop seat out front to hop on wheel.
  5. stand on wheel to feet on pedals.
  6. put it all together.

I’m only up to step 3 so the steps after that are very unclear. One could use
Dennis’ method to work on hopping but I found that it was not too difficult to
leap to the wheel and start hopping.

Is there anyone else working on this skill? Or has recently mastered it?

Dennis, do you have any other advice for the skills file for level 6?

– Dirk Iwema Cincinnati, Ohio USA Internet: