Re: Dotek cranks - flared?

I believe this flare is called a “Q-Factor” and I’m not quite sure what the
reason is for it. It seems the bigger the “Q” the easier it is to wobble while
riding. But, with an increased “Q” comes an increased stability for gapping,
hopping, and dropping. The profiles also flare out quite a bit.


For bikes I think the larger Q factor is for large chainstay widths. Bikes that have the ability to fit large tires (downhill etc.)tend to have cranks with a larger Q factor.
Why unicycle cranks have this I dunno :thinking:

I agree, i think the added Q-factor in the profiles gives you much more control when landing drops and gaps.
however, there is a trade-off, because it would take away from your ability to do flows and rails. for comuting/freestyle a low Q-fartor would be good, but for MUni, Bad.
Just my thoughts,