Re: cranks = gears = lateral thinking

Wayne van Wijk wrote:
> How do you change the gears on a unicycle?
> Two ways that I know of
> #1 By changing the wheel size 2 By changing the crank length.
> Both of these take time and tools.
> On a recent journey around outback Queensland I chatted with a guy who in
> tandem-cycling around the world. After discussing the problem of gearing a uni
> we came up with the idea of adjustable cranks.
> I have a rough design worked out and will be seeing the engineers soon.
> Anybody out there interested in something like this for their Muni or Tourer?

Yes, of course. And I think many others are interested as well. Adjustable
cranks is a thing we’ve already gone through on this group some years ago. I
don’t know if anyone actually built these cranks, but the general conclusion was
that it would be not stable enough and if you could do it stable enough it would
be too expensive. But on the other hand, if you manage to realize this at a
suitable prize, I’d like to get a pair (or two) as well.

If you will join UNICON this year and have managed to build a prototype I’d like
to see it.

> I will probably need some help from people who understand the amount of
> stresses that a crank must take.

It has to stand a lot of stress. But don’t ask me for numbers.

Regards, Wolfgang

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